What I Know

Hey y’all.

We just had a winter storm yesterday and my boss was kind enough to let me stay home since he knows I am scared to death in driving in any type of winter weather.  Locals: How was your winter day?

I was busy the last few days and with the snow day I had I have fit in more things than normal in my schedule….and you know what?

photo(5)I know I have been drinking a lot of Emergen-C lately because Kevin has had a cold.  He seems miserable and I don’t want it!

photo(6)I know Baby Belle loves helping me make cookies.  I can’t figure out why!  I made a half patch of peanut butter cookies yesterday and they are gone already!

photo(3)I know my kiddo is pretty cute!

photo(7)I know that even if giving me a sponge bath in the middle of the kitchen floor is entertaining my kid for 20 minutes….I will let her do it!

photo(4)I know even if you are using awesome ingredients, like Chobani Champions…your cookies still might fail!  I gotta keep working on this!  Just mad I wasted a container of yogurt!  😦

photo(8)I know this Cheesy Taco Soup was a hit with Baby Belle.  No dinner dilemma for us Tuesday night!

photo(9)I know that when Iowa Girl Eats posts pictures on her blog she remembers to take out the magnetic glasses and bobby pins out of the background.  But seriously….awesome soup!

Did you get lots of snow yesterday? 

Have you had any recipe fails lately?

Tomorrow is Friday y’all!



3 thoughts on “What I Know

  1. No cookie is ever a failure. 🙂 I’ve broken “failed” cookies into my cereal in the AM, and used them as fodder for more awesomeness (mix broken failed cookies into rice krispies).

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