I Am Still Here

Hey all.

I have been so sporadic with this blog.  Whoops!  I am still here….just nothing worthy of posting.  Just relaxing and reflecting.

photo(2)Baby Belle has been learning and growing so much the last few weeks that I am taking my time absorbing her awesomeness.  I am also trying to get into a routine with my health and fitness so I can reach my goals and not put too much “I am failing” pressure on myself.  I have a pretty good idea of where I am going and hope to report to you my plan of action soon.

For now just read some of this awesomeness from Lindsay.  She is truly a powerful writer.  She is one of the creators of Blend and I am so jealous that I can’t afford to go.  Anyone want to loan me a few hundred dollars?  🙂  Seriously.  I will love you forever!!!!

Also I found this article on parenting habits pretty cool.  🙂

Have a happy day y’all!

Do you think you have any bad parenting habits?

I find that I whine at Stella when she gets whiny which is totally horrible!  😦

Bloggers?  Do you have any retreats or conferences that you love going to?



2 thoughts on “I Am Still Here

  1. The parenting habits thing was pretty neat. I generally agreed with everything minus the vaccinations one. There are doctors and nurses that I personally know that won’t vaccinate their kids at all or are doing delayed vaccines because they know that vaccines can and do cause problems in kids. I do think its important to vaccinate but we’re doing a delayed and selective schedule. It makes me feel more comfortable with it and means less sticks for Imy during appointments. That being said whatever vaccine choices other parents make totally do not bother me one bit. Its their family, their kid, and their parenting style.

    I guess one bad habit I have is when Imy is screeching/yelling/whining I also do it back at her when my patience is running short. Yesterday was a tough one because for some reason she was super cranky all day. Sometimes you just reach the point where you’re done and all you can do is whine too. :p

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