Hey y’all.

I am feeling so grateful for all of the comments on yesterdays post.  I was in such a funk when I typed that and I literally teared up reading your lovely responses.

Thanks for your support!  I know what I need to do to be healthy and for the most part I am.  I need to focus on the health aspect of it instead of the weight loss aspect and I will (and can!) see the positive progress I have made in my life!

So despite living up to any of the challenges I have signed up for and fizzled on…I basically rock!

Thanks for reading and putting a smile on my face.

You rock too!



2 thoughts on “Smiles.

  1. yay! glad to hear that.

  2. Yay! I agree, being healthy is more important than weight loss. Stressing over weight loss tends to just make people unhappy which leads to unhealthy habits. Really all we need is fresh and good food, lots of water, and an active lifestyle full of family and friends. A healthy weight will follow. ^_~

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