Fear of Commitment

Happy Tuesday y’all.  I interrupt this normal Toddler Tuesday for a mind vomit post.

I have been super busy the last few days so I apologize for skipping a few days in posting.  I had a great long weekend and am ready to confess to you all about my fear of commitment when it comes to healthy challenges.

Ugh…. I totally suck when it comes to staying committed to ANY fitness/nutrition/health challenge.  I get so excited about starting them but regardless of my progress (good or bad) I seem to fizzle before I go the entire way.

Here are a few examples of my fizzling:

1.  Remember my first post ever when I mentioned the Fitmixer boot camp.  I started strong counting my calories, checking in weekly, joining the chats and loving the workouts but by the end of the boot camp I was fizzled out, eating whatever I wanted and not calculating calories and doing a couple of workouts a week instead of my normal 5.

2.  Remember my bucket list that I barely looked at after I announced it?

3.  Don’t even get me started on my 30 in 30.  Ugh….

4.  I don’t think I lasted a month when I thought I was going to start Weight Watchers again.

5.  Turkey Day challenge was horrendous.  I totally sucked.

6.  And most recently I attempted the Whole30 challenge and lasting a whooping 11 days!

7.  Guess who isn’t renewing her Crossfit Primal membership???

It is really annoying that my willpower is at level zilch when it comes to challenges.  I just need to get in the habit of eating healthy most of the time and really pushing myself to work out.

Sorry this seems so venty.  I didn’t mean it to be.  I promise good things to come.

How do you do at challenges?

How do you track or organize your workouts and meals?


12 thoughts on “Fear of Commitment

  1. My biggest problem: I love to workout and be healthy with another person. I am in need of a team, people to help me stay focused and interested. Right now there is no one in my life close enough to do that with me and I loose interest in a manner of minutes or hours. So sometimes I think it depends on your personality and not necessarily your drive.

  2. I can TOTALLY relate. I find that, while I’m super competitive, eating challenges just don’t work for me. I think it is better for our bodies (and our minds!) to find a healthy way of eating….one that fits into your lifestyle, and one that we don’t beat ourselves up for. It isn’t good for our bodies to “yo-yo” diet…in fact it messes you up more in the long run. Meal planning is a huge thing….(which is why I love the Wildtree freezer meals – I’ve already done the work AND it gives me variety)….knowing what you’re going to eat for the week and having it ready so you don’t just grab whatever is convenient when we get lazy at the end of the week.

    Workouts…..I do pretty good with those simply because 1) I LOVE the gym I go to….we do a different workout every single day (I’ve been going there 2 years now and have never repeated a workout….I’m big into Variety!). It is CLOSE to my home so I don’t have that excuse, and I go at 9:30 am after I get my kiddos on the bus.

    So, I think all in all, it’s about finding a good balance in your own life and making it a lifestyle. Don’t beat yourself up….those that can continue with those challenges are in the minority!

    • Thanks Paulette for reading. I appreciate your thoughts on the eating thing. Meal planning is a big deal and I think I am pretty good at it (I do a weekly meal plan and list) but making freezer meals would be a good thing for me so I don’t have to worry about rushing home and cooking!

  3. For eating healthy I just make sure we don’t bring any extra yucky stuff in the house. Rest assured, when I do, I end up devouring it all. Like the puppy chow I made not to long ago? Yeah, that whole batch was gone in three days. BUT, I also didn’t feel guilty about it because I know that I don’t usually give myself the chance to eat that much crap. :3 So I just make sure we have a lot of easy-to-grab-and-eat produce on hand any time I’m feeling hungry. Because you seriously cannot get fat off of eating apples, grapes, bananas, carrots, etc.

    I also don’t eat stuff like pasta and bread hardly ever. I get most of my carbs from fruits and veggies.

    I was forced to eat healthy and exercise when I was pregnant thanks to gestational diabetes. I can honestly say that your cravings for a lot of the crap will go away. Like soda? The thought of drinking it makes me want to gag. I don’t think I will ever get away from my chocolate obsession though so I just make sure I have dark chocolate on hand all the time! :p

    The final thing, when I tried losing weight before I tried all the diet/calorie counting stuff and it never worked. I always felt too confined and fizzled out really quickly. I have zilch for willpower and self-control. So instead I just keep it in my mind what I SHOULD do as a guideline and more or less stick to it. I don’t stress if I eat an entire batch of puppy chow but I make a note in my mind tat I should probably chug some water and eat some healthier items for the next week, hehe. And working out is hard to do too, especially when its miserable cold outside. I have been pretty lazy this winter but I try not to worry. I know I feel better when I work out regularly so I try to do that. On days when I don’t want to I try to make sure I do something more physically demanding like running laundry up and don the stairs. Or at the very least I do a really easy yoga session or take a walk. I just don’t stress, I think doing so before made me lose all interest in working out and eating well and it just felt too much like work so I quickly went back to my old ways.

    I guess my advice is to keep fresh produce and don’t buy stuff like cookies and chips. Don’t freak about that candy bar (or three) that you ate for a snack, but try to make sure you eat something healthier the next time around. Make sure you drink lots of water! I drink about a gallon a day. It keeps you from feeling hungry or yucky; lots of people walk around dehydrated and don’t even know it! Try to stay active, whether that be crossfit, going for a jog, going to the gym, for a walk, or kicking butt at cleaning the house! Or even crawling around on the floor for playtime with your kiddo. Just try to keep moving most of your day. Ditch calorie counting, all it ever did was make me feel guilty and pressured and I hated it!

    You know what you SHOULD be doing so make an effort to do that but don’t feel guilty if you are lazy or ‘naughty’ here and there. Not stressing about those times has made it about a million times easier to make the healthier choices, I don’t feel deprived or pressured and thus it doesn’t feel like I’m working or need any kind of willpower to be healthier. 🙂

    Aaaaand, end novel. :p

    • Thanks for the novel Brittany. I need a few of you to knock me in the head with the “quit feeling naughty and guilty” speech so I can get that through my head 🙂

  4. I’m going to reiterate my blog post from new year’s eve — these are all diet things. Any of these things can cause excitement at the start, and fizzle out when they’re not “working”.

    Ask yourself this: Do you plan to be on weight watchers, fitmixer bootcamp, calorie counting websites, crossfit, or any of these things for the rest of your life? Probably not. I think you’ve got to find a balance and let yourself just BE.

    Pick something fun to do for your workouts, and don’t beat yourself up when you don’t do one, because you’re working out for fun. Eat things that you like, but try to pick things that are nutrient dense foods daily (doesn’t have to be every meal either). Don’t make it all about weight loss. Weight loss would be great, but the more you think about it, the more stressed you are, and it becomes this big black cloud that won’t go away. You’ll probably find that you don’t like the junky food as much as you think you do, but that it’s off-limits which makes it sexier. And I bet you’ll find an activity (or two, or more) that you love doing. (Mine’s running, lifting, and walking on a treadmill at 15 incline while watching 90210).

    Just my two cents. I’m much, much happier since I’ve been doing intuitive eating and quitting this constant dieting/exercising to lose weight BS. And guess what? I’ve lost 2-3 lbs.

    Seriously. Do I have to buy you a copy of intuitive eating? 🙂 I really, really think that you’d benefit so much from it, even if you don’t adopt any of it, the concepts should help your self-esteem.

  5. Hi Shaunna,
    I sometimes use SparkPeople. It’s free and let’s you track your exercise and food. What I like about the food tracker is that it tracks protein, etc. so you can see if you get the right balance. What I don’t like is that it’s time consuming to do it all the time. However, you can put together groups of workouts or recipe’s and not have to figure them up all the time. Give it a peek and see what you think.

    • I have checked out some things on spark people but haven’t browsed the site entirely….mostly just found things on there from Pinterest. Thanks for the feedback and I will have to give it a better look 🙂

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