Dinner Dilemma

So we have a little problem at the Maxwell household.  I am totally asking for your advice so comment away when you are through reading 🙂

I get home with Baby Belle at about 5:30.  9 out of 10 times when we walk in the door she says, “cheese”.  She wants a snack.  I usually give her something small so that I can get cracking on dinner.  I am usually fairly organized with the whole meal planning thing.  I do make a weekly menu and shopping list and I do try and have easy to prep or already prepped dinners for when I will be late or when I will be gone for the evening but even so dinner usually takes about an hour to get on the table.

Well my kid gets bored if there is no one to entertain her outside of the kitchen and so she comes to me and wants up or wants to eat.  Sometimes I feed her…I mean the kid is probably starving.  But sometimes I try to hold out so she will actually eat when the family eats.

photoYou see…if I feed her more than just a little snack before dinner she tends to eat a few bits of dinner and then she is “all done”.  I let her down and then she whines at our feet wanting up.  It makes me crazy.  I look forward to talking to my sister and Kevin about our days and unwinding and enjoying my food.  Most nights Baby Belle can make dinner unbearable.  I know I need to change something so any and all suggestions are welcome 🙂

Help us!

photo(1)Tomorrow is Friday y’all!

Shaunna (I almost typed Friday for some reason instead of my name!)


3 thoughts on “Dinner Dilemma

  1. Is it possible for her to sit in the kitchen with you while you cook? If she’s hungry give her some apple slices (and munch on some yourself!) Apples are metabolized pretty quickly so they shouldn’t fill her up too much. Just give her a few and maybe an art project or something to work on while you cook. 🙂 If she decides she’s all done during dinner you might let her know she needs to either sit in her chair and work on a project or stay down. It should only take a little while for her to figure out that those are her option. I watch my nephew during the days and he can behave in very much the same way, it just takes some firm but gentle direction and they’ll figure it out quickly!

    • Brittany thank you so much for responding. I do let her in the kitchen while I cook. She has her own cupboard that she can get into that has all of our leftover containers in it. The problem is is that she wants up or wants cheese as soon as I start cooking.
      I haven’t tried the art project but I may just keep the dot art as a special thing she can do while I am cooking to see if that helps. Thanks again for the advice!!! 🙂

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