My Chobani Relationship

Want to hear an embarrassing story?  If so, read on.  If not, check back tomorrow. 🙂

I didn’t used to like yogurt.  It was okay and I would buy it on occasion but usually I would choose another snack over the yogurt and then it would expire.  I would toss it.

Then I started reading blogs and found out about greek yogurt.  I had tried the sugared up brands and enjoyed it a bit more.  I liked the thicker texture over the regular stuff.  Yay! I liked yogurt.

I continued reading blogs and found out about Chobani.  Then my favorite grocery store started carrying Chobani.  I bought some because I wanted to be cool like the bloggers that I stalk.  I got plain and honey my first time around trying to cut back on the sugary goodness.

OMG!  I tasted the stuff and recoiled in disgust.  This yogurt has gone bad!!  I emailed Chobani and told them that I got a bad yogurt.  They took some info and sent me some coupons for free yogurt.  I went and used my coupons and got another batch of BAD yogurt…..

Oh friends.  If you have tried greek yogurt before you know it has a tangy taste.  I did not realize this because I had been eating sugared up greek yogurt.  I emailed Chobani again to explain my mistake.  They were nice about it and suggested using the plain as a sour cream replacement.  I do and I love it.

Chobani is a pretty great company.  They are friendly and don’t bust your chops when you tell them your yogurt has gone sour.  🙂  They also donate 10% of their proceeds to charity.  It is pretty cool.

They also like kids and have a kids line of yogurt called Chobani Champions.  Baby Belle loves it.

photo(3)We posted a picture of Baby Belle inhaling their Vanilla Chocolate Chunk flavor and they agree with me that she is pretty darn cute!

photo(4)And they were kid enough to send her a ton of other Chobani Champion flavors.  And now we are all going to be best friends!  Well…I will be their stalker at least.

photo(5)I stole some of Baby Belle’s stash and put it in my work fridge.

We love you Chobani and will never cheat on you!

And friends…they have coupons on their website and I am pretty sure that Hy-vee or Fareway have it on sale this week so get your booty in there!  Hopefully by now our neck of the woods has some of their new products to try.




4 thoughts on “My Chobani Relationship

  1. That is so cool of them! Love hearing about great companies 🙂

  2. “I bought some because I wanted to be cool like the bloggers that I stalk.” <–This line in your post totally just made our day. Baby Belle is most definitely a cutie, and we're glad to hear you are both enjoying our Champions. We love you too!

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