Toddler Tuesday-Dot Art

Baby Belle wasn’t spoiled by Kevin and I this Christmas but she was with everyone else.  She has so many new toys to play with!  She has now started saying, “Come on!” and taking your hand to go back to her bedroom to play.  It is pretty cute.

One of the things she got from my brother and his wife were this dot art set that I put on Baby Belles wishlist on Amazon.  They also got her a couple of books that are meant to be used with the dobbers.  She loves them!

photo(2)I let her use one of the pages in the book on the first try but she didn’t really get the concept so we have switched to scratch paper since then.  She loves going wild with the doppers and makes some pretty cool creations.

photo(1)These are great because we get to practice colors and she likes trying to take the lids off herself and then put them back on.

photoWe also got them out during one of my mama’s visits with my nephew Maddox.  He is 2 1/2 and had a really fun time too.  So did my mom.  You can see her dot face in the bottom right hand corner.  She has a heart for the art as you can see.

So if you have little ones (the box says it is fun for ages 3-103) at home this is definitely a fun alternative to coloring.

Have you tried dot art?

Does this totally remind you of playing bingo?


6 thoughts on “Toddler Tuesday-Dot Art

  1. I do have a heart for the art! 🙂

  2. Love reading your blog! It puts an instant smile on my face.

  3. Cute! Might have to get some of these for Imy and my nephew. 🙂

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