What I Have Been Up To.

Wow!  I went on a really long break there!  Here are some snapshots of what I was up to while I was away.

photo(9)We had a great holiday aside from the 24 hour flu bugs hitting us days before Christmas.  It is great to see cute little cousins playing.

photoKevin and I both had the week between Christmas and New Years off from work.  We sent Baby Belle off to daycare a couple of days so we could spend some one on one time together.  One day we went to Zombie Burger for lunch.  It was okay…I had higher expectations.  And it sucked because it was so busy we had to eat standing up.

photo(8)All of Baby Belles loot.  This only took her 15 minutes to open.  🙂

photo(1)I was horrible at taking pictures over the holidays but I did get this one of the fam while we were playing in Baby Belle’s room.  Look at that cute smirk. 😉

photo(7)Yeah…only I would dress my kid up in a rabbit shirt for Christmas morning.  Duh!


I went Paleo on January 1st.  Notice I said went….I fell off the bandwagon on Friday and although I told myself to get back on track today I ate about 15 saltine crackers and a piece of cheese.  Whoops.  More on that later.  Anywho…this is one of my favorite creations.  Salad with dippy eggs as a dressing…..sooooo good!

photo(6)My mama got my sis and I Orange Leaf gift certificates for Christmas.  I went crazy on some fro yo before my Paleo experiment!  We are taking 14+ ounces folks!!!

photo(5)Spent lots of time with my mama over the holiday break.  She will hate me for posting this but I love her soooo.

photo(3)My wonderful friend met me for New Years Eve for dinner and a pitcher of margaritas….uh…2 and a half pitchers later….blah!  It was so great to catch up with a jazzy friend!  Love you Tara!!!!!

photo(4)I shared my before pics with some friends who started a facebook group to hold themselves accountable for their new healthy lifestyle.  Thought I would share it with you so you can do the same for me.

Details on my measurements, my paleo experience and more  fun things I did in the coming weeks.  Stay tuned folks….2013 is going to rock our worlds.




5 thoughts on “What I Have Been Up To.

  1. Yay! Glad ur back! I’ve been slow posting in the new year too. but I’ve been plenty busy!!

  2. oh! and PS- are you doing firmixer bootcamp this time? I signed up!

    • Thanks Mollie-I promise to respond to your leibster award soon. I didn’t sign up this time…I was so in limbo about whether or not to continue crossfit or what so I decided not to do anything right now until I figure out what is best. Are you liking it so far?

  3. Glad to see you are back! What is paleo??

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