Toddler Tuesday-Christmas Ornaments



Hi everyone!

Here is another installment of Toddler Tuesday for ya!  Baby Belle and I invited some friends to come over and make Christmas ornaments with us.  We had such a great time!  I found the recipe for gingerbread ornaments while reading Mommy, run fast! and it was awesome for little ones because if some got in the mouth it would be no big deal.

Tina brought her little ones Riley and Cullen over!  They had a blast…especially Cooker Riley 🙂



Baby Belle wasn’t quite as thrilled with the dough as the other kids.


We kept things simple by using cookie cutters we had at home for the shapes.


And wooden skewers to poke the holes for the string to go through.  Easy Cheesy.


Crazily enough Baby Belle loved painting them.  I had acrylic paint and glitter glue to decorate and she went nuts making a crazy mess!  She even had paint all over her belly which caused her to freak out just last week.  She only freaked out this time when I told her it was time to take a bath!


I completely forgot to take a picture of our finished ornaments but I will soon and show you.  We had a blast!

What type of Holiday traditions do you do?

Is your Christmas tree up?




7 thoughts on “Toddler Tuesday-Christmas Ornaments

  1. Oh, yay!! So glad you used the recipe and had such a good time. 🙂 We’re making edible gingerbread cookies this afternoon. Although there is no paint involved, it might be equally messy!

  2. I remember doing that as a child! Definitely will have to introduce HJ to this!

  3. I can’t wait until we can do play dates and make ornaments with the “big kids” 🙂
    The tree is up and we got E’s first ornament yesterday.

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