November Foodie Pen Pal Reveal

Happy Friday y’all!

I have been really bad about remembering to do these posts.  I have my packages delivered to work because I have had packages sent to my home stolen in the past.  So I rip them open right away and start going to town on all the goodies before I even take pictures.

Notice the bars I got this month…see how the Almond and Coconut KIND bar is empty?

This is just the beginning of the lovely package I got from Rebecca.  She doesn’t blog…she just Foodie Pen Pals  for the fun of it!

I guess I should start with the cute card.  One of the requirements of Foodie Pen Pals is having a hand written note.  It is a nice little touch!

I didn’t take a picture of her note but she mentioned she thought the goodies she got me were boring.  Far from it sister!   I did tell her I was trying to go Paleo and that I was interested in finding new kinds of protein powders.  Here are the goods:

Baby Belle loves this stuff.   I have only had a little taste.  I am waiting to stock up on my yogurt stash to have this as a topping.

She definitely hooked me up with my protein powder request.  Check this out!

I have never tried Plant Fusion before so I am excited to give it a whirl.  I will tell you what I think next week as I plan to try it out here in the next day or so!  I have all 4 flavors here so I can review them all!

She also added some Body by Vi flavor mix in’s that I can use to flavor my shakes.  Great way to change things up so I don’t get bored as protein shakes are what I use after crossfit since it is about a 25 minute drive to and from.

I know the Neuro is also from Body by Vi and I have tried it before and loved it.  I haven’t tried the Lights On or Lights Off before and they are from DynaMAXX.  I will fill you in on those when I give them a try.

And then I got these as a bonus.  I gave Kevin the mints and the salve went straight to the medicine cabinet.  This will be great for winter colds!

Thank you so much Rebecca!  I love EVERYTHING!

Remember that you don’t have to be a blogger to join Foodie Pen Pals.  Go here to sign up and to read the rules :)!

And….if any of you are smart with computers can you help me figure out how to put the Foodie Pen Pals button on my blog?  I’ll love you forever!

Have a great weekend!

Do you have any fun weekend plans?






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