Hi y’all!

I made some huge progress lately and I am so excited I want to shout it off the rooftops!

1.  I got brave at crossfit today.  Really brave.  🙂  We had pull ups today and I used my normal purple band (which makes pull ups the easiest).  I did the WOD and felt okay about it.  I don’t sweat as much as the others in class so I sometimes feel like I could be pushing myself a little more…anyway…after class I noticed that someone was using a green band which is the band that makes it easier but no where close to the purple band.  I got up there and tried it.  I was inches from getting over the bar but it was nice to see my body moving up there.  The coach (a female who I have seen working out with us but never coaching) asked if I had tried the black band before, which is the band that would be my next hardest level.  I said no and grabbed it and easily did 5 pull ups with it.  Then another girl asked if anyone had talked to me about moving my arms closer together.  I tried that and it was even better!  I shyly told the group I was struggling with pull ups but until today had never asked questions about it.  Yay!  I felt so cool walking out of class, making connections and PROGRESS!

2.  I have been tracking my calories.  EVERY DAY this week so far.  I have gone over about 200 calories every day but at least I am getting in the habit of tracking!  Go me!  I have still been wavering in the 144-146 range since I last reported my  weight and I won’t get weighed again until Saturday so I hope to see some good results.

3.  I bought my first stash of grass fed beef.  The nutritional guru at Primal recommended Wallace Farms to me after I had questioned how he was able to buy all the healthy stuff with a limited budget.  I would go to my local Hy-Vee and their grass fed beef was $7.99 a pound.  I couldn’t justify that when I can get regular beef for $2.99.  Wallace Farms was decently priced and I felt good dealing with a local company.  They have their ground beef at $6.50 and it is less the more you buy.  The process was simple, you register online,  pick a date and location for pick up, order your product and pay and they have it all ready for you.  I am making a taco soup tonight with some of the ground beef!  I can’t wait to try it although I hope to make hamburgers or something soon so I can really taste the difference.

4.  Baby Belle is making some hair-do progress.

Look at this pony tail!

What are some jazzy things that you have been making progress on?

Tomorrow is Friday!




One thought on “Progress!!!!!

  1. Yay on the pullups!! Good for you!
    And Belle’s pony is sooo cute! Gonna be really long before you know it 🙂

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