Toddler Tuesday-Bathtub Painting

Happy Tuesday!

I am hoping to make Toddler Tuesday a regular thing.  I have a bunch of fun ideas to try with Baby Belle so I will keep rolling it out until I run out of ideas!  Today’s idea unfortunately was a big giant FAIL!

I made cornstarch paint.  I was too lazy to look on my Pinterest page to get the exact recipe so I made it up.  What I came up with was an ooey, gooey paint slime.  It was perfect.  I mixed them up in a muffin tin so Baby Belle could have fun learning the different colors.

I stripped Baby Belle down into her diaper and planned to let her go nuts!

She did this.  Looked.  Didn’t touch.  I tried painting on the tub to show her the concept but she wanted no part in it.  I put some on her belly to show her she could get messy with it and whoops!  She didn’t like that….at all!

(Sorry for the crappy pictures.  I didn’t realize I had my flash on the whole time!)  She screamed!  Finally she stopped crying but I think that I traumatized her and I was the only one that was a mess!

I may have to try this another time!  I thought she would love it…..but maybe she didn’t like being confined to the bath tub so we might try again this summer and let her go outside.

Do you have any fun ideas for us to try?  Feel free to leave a link to an idea!

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Until tomorrow!



6 thoughts on “Toddler Tuesday-Bathtub Painting

  1. haha! Glad it wasn’t just us with this experience 🙂

  2. Who knew paints could be so traumatic? I can see my little girl doing the exact same thing. Don’t confine me!!!

  3. Awwww, cute. Maybe she’s like I was at that age and hated getting dirty? My mom says I would start crying if my hands got dirty.

    Fun that you posted this the morning after we let Imogen paint for the first time. :p I thought about trying this idea out before I found Tempera paints at Target. I think I’ll still have to try it anyway, I’ll have to make a post about how that experience goes. 🙂

    Maybe try introducing it to her one color at a time while in a high chair? I know Imy has had some epic meltdowns when we tried some activities in the bathtub, even ones that were similar to ones we had done before. I assume it was just overwhelming at the time and tried again another day with more success. 🙂

    I’ve seen some ‘ooze’ activities that I can’t wait to try with Imy. And she was pretty excited about baking soda + vinegar (which is awesome because it cleans the tub!).

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