Toddler Tuesday-Pop Bottle Bowling

My goodness.  I am sure you can tell from my lack of posts that I haven’t been in tune with my goals thus far.  I owe the food bank another $10 but I still do not suck.  I feel really great about where I am at but I fully intend on going full force from here on out 🙂

I thought a great Tuesday theme would be Toddler Tuesday.  I love testing out new ideas with Baby Belle to see how she likes them.  On my Pinterest page I found a little tidbit on bowling with pop bottles.  Kevin and my sis use cans so my lovely mother (hi mom!) was kind enough to send us some empty bottles.  I meant to have Baby Belle decorate them but I didn’t get to that…maybe for another day.

It took her a while to get the concept.  She also doesn’t have the best arm right now.  Her throws go pretty wild and it took her awhile to finally throw the ball toward the pins.

When she didn’t knock them down with the ball she took matters into her own hands.

Despite my efforts to cheer her on she lost interest in bowling pretty quickly.  But she still played with the bottles in her own way.

I thought letting her paint them and then having me add a piece of brightly colored paper with the numbers 1-10 might be fun as she could work on her numbers as well.  We will continue to hold on to these “pins” and work with them more.

Do you have any fun ideas or activities I can try with Baby Belle? 

Until tomorrow!



2 thoughts on “Toddler Tuesday-Pop Bottle Bowling

  1. at daycare, they have an empty bottle filled with sand and lots of small objects. They move the bottle around to find all the objects. The kids all love it!

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