I Don’t Suck and Suck It Up.

Wowee!  That Turkey Day Challenge totally got dropped this weekend 😦  I had a heck of a day on Friday and instead of steering toward the bottle of wine I claimed I was going to finish, Kevin and I got cookies and cream ice cream and Keebler peanut butter cup cookies.  I ate a huge bowl of ice cream using the cookies as a spoon.  ;(  I then proceeded to pass out 10 minutes after while watching a movie.  Pretty cool right?

Ugh…whoops.  But you know what?  I don’t suck.  I needed an outlet and that sugar binge was it.  Nothing I can do about it now so moving forward.  By the way…I owe about $10 to charity for that bowl of sugar!!!  😦

So I recently wrote about my shyness at crossfit and told you I reached out to some of my crossfitting heroines for advice.  I got a few replies that I wanted to share with you.  After reading all 3 of them I quickly learned I need to just suck it up, ask my questions and get the full benefit of the crossfit program I am paying BIG money for!

Here is what Clare from Fitting it all In said:

Hey Shaunna,

So glad you’re loving Crossfit! Truly your coach should be working with you to make sure you are doing everything correctly at the beginning, but in a full class you really will need to speak up if you have questions. I think it’s important to remember that EVERYONE started somewhere, so there are no stupid questions. Also, you can’t get better unless you know the proper way to do things. Your coach and classmates will be impressed by your curiosity and desire to learn, and you will develop better relationships the more outspoken and friendly you are.
Sometimes I think my questions are “stupid”, or that I should know what I’m doing, but I know I trust my coach to know what I should be doing. I almost ALWAYS ask a couple of questions before every WOD – what weight? is this the right form? Do you want me to do less pushups but on my feet, or go faster on my knees?
To me, I’m paying for it and I want to be my best, so I have to ask question and know exactly the right way!
I hope that helps! Be brave!


And Jess from Blonde Ponytail said:

Hi Snaunna!

Thank you for your email.  I understand your hesitations and concerns regarding CrossFit. We have all been there, as we were all beginners at some point.  I encourage you to read my post on 5 Tips for CrossFit Beginners: http://blondeponytail.com/2012/07/crossfit-5-tips-for-beginners/ I think you’ll find the points really speak to you.
With pull-ups, your CrossFit coaches should offer modifications for you. My box has resistance bands that allow those of us without the necessary upper body strength to do the movement.
I also might suggest requesting to meet before or after class with a coach–he/she coaches because she/he loves to help and encourage. Definitely use them as a resource and source of support!

GOOD LUCK and don’t give up!!

Jess Allen MS, C.S.C.S.

Blonde Ponytail Page
FitFluential ambassador
LinkedIn Profile


And Janetha from meals and moves said:

Heyyyy lady!

So, I know what you mean. I have to say that I was SO intimidated by GPP that I didn’t even go TRY it for almost 2 years after getting invited by some friends and even Neil, the owner, because I was just too scared and intimidated.

Then.. I went. And I loved it. Everyone was so nice! And like you said, I felt awesome thanks to the warm welcome. I was still nervous to try things.. like on pullup days, I wouldn’t even want to go. Then I would get there, they would coach me on how to modify the workout, and I was like WOW that wasn’t even bad. Same goes with the handstand pushups day. I blogged about that in detail awhile back. I was SO scared.. and now I do hand stands all the time! It’s silly to freak out so much. I eventually loosened up and made friends and just threw any uncomfortableness out the window.

So, even if you are introverted, you need to ask for help! You are paying good money for TRAINING.. but trainers do not read minds! You need to ask for the help and you could even privately tell them that you feel a little silly asking for the help. The trainers are getting paid to help you. It is their job. You NEED to ask them. They probably have no idea how nervous you are to ask for help. And trainers LOVE to help people! That is their job. They just need you to point out where you’d like help.

I know what you mean about not going because you are scared, but really.. my best advice is swallow your fear and just show up. They will give you a modification. And you will excel from there!



Thank you so much girls for making great points on why I need to speak up!  🙂


So I am jumping in full force tomorrow (I so slept in today!  But I do not suck!!!) and making sure I voice my concerns and questions since I will be handing over a big chunk of moola to pay for my next 3 months of crossfit!


I also wanted to post my November goals.  I have been kind of floating along with everything but I need to put it out there and make sure I stay on the straight and narrow!

1.  Follow the Turkey Day Challenge strictly!  This includes going to crossfit Monday-Friday, 3-30 minute sessions of additional cardio through the week, a moment of reading scripture daily, weighing and measuring weekly (will put stats up tomorrow!) and NO SUGAR!!!!!!

2.  I will work on the About Me page on my blog and make sure I have a blog post for every day this week.   This may mean I need to write my posts in advance rather than waiting until that day to get them organized!  Yipes.

3.  I will think positive.  Ugh.  This rainy, gray and cold weather can really get to me.  I have written THINK POSITIVE on a rubber band and put it on my left wrist to snap if I need a positive reminder :).

4.  I need to clean, organized and decorate my office so that I WANT to work in there.

5.  I need to stay on budget.  I am trying to follow Crossfit Primal’s eating plan and I know it is going to be more expensive buying premium grass fed beef etc. so I need to be careful about my upcoming meal plans.  🙂

Help stick me to it friends.

Until tomorrow 🙂




7 thoughts on “I Don’t Suck and Suck It Up.

  1. Go get em, Hot Tiger! 😉

  2. glad to see you got some good advice! I’m thinking about trying Surefire Fitness when my yoga membership runs up. I’m thinking if I do that every day for a change, I might see the results that I want. 🙂

  3. Thanks for sharing Shaunna! Keep up the hard work!!

  4. This post (meaning your words after the email replies) was EMPOWERING! Thank you for sharing your thoughts, you got this. Love you lots.

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