Pimpin’ and Giftin’

Happy Halloween friends!  I will admit…I don’t get all cray over Halloween.  I don’t go out.  I don’t dress up.  And because of the new challenge I am participating in….I don’t eat candy.  🙂

Beggars night was last night and we did take Baby Belle out to get some candy.

We only stopped at 3 houses (Kevin’s parents, a coworker of mine, and our neighbors) which was fine by me because I don’t need a bag full of Reece’s tempting me for days on end.  🙂  She had a good time and ate tons of candy corn!

Now that little owl up there isn’t pimpin’ anything….except hugs.  But I am :).
It is a bit embarrassing to do this on the blog but I need some help from you local girls if you can.  I have mentioned before that I do Slumber Parties.  I have been doing it for 7 years and lately it has been a struggle for me to focus on it as much as I need to.  I even announced my retirement after Kevin and I got back from our honeymoon.  But then I started crossfit (which is expensive) and had several clients come out of the wood work requesting parties and I decided I wouldn’t quit entirely but I would slow down.  Well I slowed way down and am realizing that I miss the income and FUN that I had and I need to book a few parties for November before the winter weather comes in (I hate driving in snow!).  I am really funny…so it will be all good!

If you or anyone you know might be interested please email me at shulrick@yahoo.com and I will get them scheduled for a fun girls night out.  Have them mention your name and I will send you a special gift for the free advertising.  Thanks so much in advance.

And now to the giftin’.  I mentioned this fun little idea that I saw on Kristin’s blog awhile back and didn’t have any takers.  I have gotten my gift, a lovely leather bracelet that was very similar to some of the ones I mentioned on this post and I feel like poo because I haven’t gotten to spread the love yet.  I am gonna try this again!

Here is the idea:

-Be one of the first 3 to comment on this post.

-You need to have a blog and be willing to continue to Pay It Forward.  You will need to write a similar post, inviting your readers to play along within 1 week of commenting on my blog.

-Once all of those things are complete, I will be checking out your blog to send you a small  gift I think you will enjoy!

Go ahead and comment even if there are already 3 comments just in case the first 3 can’t follow through in time.

Alright y’all.  Sorry I am not hump day happening but I had more important things to throw out there!




2 thoughts on “Pimpin’ and Giftin’

  1. I just booked a party! Wish you could come do ours, haha!

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