Celebrate Life

Today is kind of a crappy day for me.  So before I get into that let me show you some celebrating my family and friends did over the weekend.  Kevin and I were invited to join my dad, stepmom and their good friends Roger and Maria (my dad and Roger have been friends since they were in high school) at The Blue Moon Dueling Piano Bar.

It is a pretty popular place and we were told to show up by 6:30 at the latest to be sure we got our reservation.  So we met at 5:45 and had a round (or 2) of drinks and appetizers before the show started.

The show didn’t start until 8:00 and I didn’t know what I was in for.  I thought it was gonna be like the two dudes on the pianos playing classical ballads trying to outplay each other.  It was nothing like that.  You can send a song request along with some cash ($20 or more if you want to hear it!) and they play it!  It was hilarious!

I sang, I danced, I laughed and I got drunk!  Holla!!!!!

It was a pretty awesome night.  My parents do something special around this time of the year to celebrate the life of my little brother who passed away 4 years ago today.

I was so happy that they invited us to join them this time.  My heart aches every day for my parents.  I can’t imagine what it would be like to lose a child.  Especially that guy up there?  Are you kidding me?  Totally rad kid.  🙂

So just be sure to take time today to hug your kids and tell them how great they are.  Call your parents and say hi.  Send a picture text to your siblings and remind them that you think they are awesome.  Make time to take your grandparents to lunch…even if they live an hour away.

I think about my brother every day and along with that I feel a great sense of guilt.  He was much younger than me and when I was too busy trying to figure out my life I was missing out on my brothers short short life.

I rarely called him to see how school was.  I didn’t embarrass him enough at his sporting events.  I didn’t know any of his little girlfriends.  I didn’t say I love you enough.  I wasn’t present enough and that feels really shitty.

So hug your family.  Play monopoly or uno.  Get as many kisses from your kids as you can today.

Make today awesome.




2 thoughts on “Celebrate Life

  1. Hey Shaunna! I didn’t know you lost your brother. So sorry to hear that :*( But you brought up some good points. be glad for your family when they’re here!

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