Um…Yesterday Was Hump Day? And Blue Cheese

Hey all!

My schedule was all coo coo yesterday and I completely blew off posting!  Whoops!  I have some great blog posts to direct you to but first I need to explain the blue cheese thing.

The first time I really tasted blue cheese was maybe a year ago in a buffalo chicken salad that I got at The Blue Moon Dueling Piano Bar.  I knew I didn’t like blue cheese dressing because I tried using it as a substitute for ranch and ew!  I went ahead and tried the blue cheese crumbles though because I was brave.  Lucky me!  It was delish and complimented the buffalo sauce wonderfully.  Ever since that salad I order it all the time at restaurants even if it isn’t on the menu.

So last night my friend Tina and I went to Okoboji Grill in Newton.  They had a buffalo chicken salad and sandwich but I was really craving a wrap.  They had several wraps on their menu but not a buffalo chicken wrap.  I didn’t see it being a problem getting one though since they had all the ingredients on hand.  I was wrong.

When I asked the waiter (I was very polite because I know how annoying it can be to just make up your own meal at a restaurant!) to make that he gave me a look.  He then said we could take the chicken bacon ranch wrap and put buffalo sauce on it.  Great!  When I asked if I could get blue cheese instead of the standard shredded cheese he said no.  You see…Okoboji Grill uses Maytag Blue Cheese.  It’s true, even this sign says so:

I get it!  A restaurant using a local dairy that produces award winning blue cheese.  That is awesome.  I offered to pay extra to get the blue cheese but no dice.  What?  I got frustrated and ordered the salad.  It was good but it definitely wasn’t the wrap I was craving.  😦

I did get a bunch of blue cheese chunks which was nice.  Check this stuff out….so good!

So while the restaurant definitely didn’t make me happy last night this yummy cheese sure did.  If anyone from Maytag is reading this I would love to do a tour if possible!  🙂

So now on to what I should have posted yesterday!  Hump Day Happenings!!!!

1. I am slowly slowly slowly trying to get rid of processed foods in the house.  It is hard but I know I need to try a bit harder.  Here is part 1 of some great Q & A on real food!

2.  Yesterday was Food Day.  I wouldn’t have known if Jessica hadn’t posted this on her blog.  I took the test and scored a C.  I suck!  😦

3.  I hate wasting food.  It is like I grew up in the Great Depression or something.  I will eat food until it has mold growing on it.  Gross I know but I haven’t died yet 🙂  I was stoked to find this post from Simple Organized Living that talked about salvaging fresh produce!

And I think I will leave it at that.

Do you like blue cheese?

Do you eat real?

Until tomorrow (which is Friday!!!!)



5 thoughts on “Um…Yesterday Was Hump Day? And Blue Cheese

  1. Love, love , love blue cheese!
    I am going to try to do the 10 day real food challenge starting on november 5th…it’s only 10 days. Want to join me?

  2. I love bleu cheese!! Crazy how you get older and live things you used to think were horrible. I would’ve politely asked for a manager last night. I’ve been to numerous restaurants that will gladly swap a sandwich into a wrap or different sauces. Too bad for inflexible waitstaff!

    • You are right about the manager thing. I don’t deal with confrontation too well and chickened out.
      Wonder if I will ever grow into liking liver and onions 🙂 Probably not!

  3. YUM! Love blue cheese!! Love the real food movement! We eat pretty clean but need to incorporate more organics soon! I’ve been watching lots of documentaries lately. Fresh and Genetic Roulette are my favorites. And of course, Food Inc. I watched that one a couple years ago.

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