Pinterest Sunday Recap

Hey all!  I had a pretty good weekend!  I have a lot to recap but today I am just going to focus on Pinterest Sunday because it was pretty rad.  I posted a spoiler on Friday but made a few changes by the time Sunday came around.

I did make the healthy cookie dough bites that I modified from this recipe.

Here is how my bites went down.

I still started with one can of garbanzo beans.  I was so excited to find the reduced sodium.  I was making something sweet so it made sense.

I then followed the recipe the same except instead of just adding 2 tbsp of oats I added about a half a cup.  I also added a scoop of vanilla protein powder and rolled it into balls.

I ended up not mixing my gunk enough and the chopped pitted dates I used didn’t blend very well.  I think if I would have mixed it better it would have lent to the sweetness better.  Poop.

I also added way to many chocolate chips to the finished product so it was overload.  They still tasted pretty good although I could totally tell they were healthy 🙂  And I am a total idiot and didn’t take pictures of the finished product.

We made our shirts which were from a tutorial found here.  Mollie was the only participant (my mom was the only other one who showed up..and it was a total surprise!) that brought a shirt so it went by pretty quickly.  Here is Baby Belle photo bombing!

She was super helpful!  🙂

And I am such a dork.  I didn’t take a picture of the final shirt either!  But you can see I have one of the shirts I made the night before on!  They are totally cute!

So here is an added project that I decided to throw in.  I found these tiny little craft sticks and I couldn’t resist.  Mini things are super cute.  So we made a version of this.  But the cool thing was the mini sticks we used fit perfectly in some old baby food jars I had been hoarding for some reason.

We all went around our group and came up with different things to put on our sticks.  Pretty fun!

We ended up not working out since my neighbors were having a cook out and hanging out on their raised deck.  We didn’t need an audience 🙂

Next Sunday we are doing a Halloween theme and I am super excited.  If you are in the area please come!



2 thoughts on “Pinterest Sunday Recap

  1. Thanks for hosting! It was a fun afternoon! And I remembered a couple more exercises- calf raises and scissor crunches. And bicycles! See ya next Sunday!

  2. Oh! and I liked the bites! I thought they were pretty good!

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