Pinterest Sunday #1

I love Pinterest.  Like I would marry it if I could.

I have a million boards all categorized and organized and I bet I could count the number of projects, meals, ideas that I have actually used on both of my hands.

Kevin loves football.  He is on maybe 5 football fantasy teams.  He has no interest in Pinterest and I have no interest in football.  I mean a couple years ago Kevin helped me set up a fantasy football team and I picked my players according to their names and if they had nice smiles.

So I decided to come up with Pinterest Sunday.  Pick a topic, invite over some pals and actually DO stuff that I pin.  I am hosting my first Pinterest Sunday this weekend and I am beyond excited.

I have picked fitness ( I realize how broad of a subject that is especially if you see my half a dozen healthy boards) as the first subject and here are some of the things I have planned.

First of all we are doing a workout.  I found this one that unfortunately didn’t lead back to an official website.


I know that I will have girls at all levels of fitness attending so this one has 3 moves that everyone can do  and then just push to do THAT MANY!

Then of course there is a craft!  Hello DIY lovers!!!!

DIY Workout Shirt

Here is the post that this came from!  No sewing and a great way to use some of the oversized t-shirts Kevin had passed down to me when I was pregnant.

And then I asked everyone to bring a healthy snack.  I am making cookie dough bites that are modified from this dip I pinned from Chocolate Covered Katie.

No flour, no oil, no white sugar. Healthy Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Dip.

So if you are in the central Iowa area and want to attend just leave me a reply and I can get you my address.  We will start at 4:15 and go until 6.  If you have kiddos bring them along.  They can play, do the workout and eat right along with us!

Next week we will be focusing on Halloween!  So much fun!!!

Hope to see you!

Have a great weekend!




6 thoughts on “Pinterest Sunday #1

  1. nice! this sounds like fun. sorry i’m missing it!

  2. K I received your pintrest invites on FB and i kinda didnt look at them because I have never used Pintrest and I am not crafty, girly nothing (as you know). But now I am reading your blog and this sounds fun, too bad I can’t make it Sunday as Im hanging with Mom) but I will keep in mind and try to attend in the future. Maybe I can become semi-crafty.

  3. Love it! Can’t make it though.

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