Baby Belle-The Sorting Robot.

My kid loves sorting stuff.  I have a basket of Sharpie markers and she will sit there and sort the markers from one basket to another container.  Bring the markers up to you one at a time and say, “What’s this?” and then put them all back again.

Not only does she do this with markers but with magnets from her magnet board, clothespins and now she does lots of sorting with her big girl box.

Before Baby Belle was even  born I was introduced to these sights:


They are fabulous websites where you can get baby stuff for incredible prices.  I bought this Pre-K Learning kit from Learning Resources.  I couldn’t find the specific item I purchased but here are its contents and Baby Belle loves it!

It also comes with a dry erase board for practicing letters and a guide book that gives suggestions on what your Pre-K child can do to prepare for kindergarten.  We aren’t quite there yet but Baby Belle loves putting the little colored animals in the cups and handing willing recipients those paper clips one by one.

I do repeat the colors, letters and numbers to her non stop and she does recognize a few of the letters which is pretty cool but mostly she likes sorting.

Learning Resources doesn’t know who I am so I haven’t been compensated for this post.  The site just has a ton of incredible educational toys that I am stoked about!  So is this kiddo!

We save her big girl toy until after dinner and she honestly goes to her room after we are done eating and gets it out.  Basically she is a genius!  Harvard baby!!!!  🙂

Yay!  Tomorrow is Friday!!!



2 thoughts on “Baby Belle-The Sorting Robot.

  1. So sweet! Also, the yellow chair in the background is super cute!

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