Decisions and Hump Day Happenings

Things are happening in my world.  Pretty big things…like my muscles.

I have decided to nix the Weight Watchers.  Nothing against the program because like I said in this post, I lost over 20 pounds and loved my results but I want to love having HUGE muslces even more.  So if you need help with tracking your food WW is definitely the way to go.

So Crossfit….I bought a Living Social deal for a month of crossfit for only $39.  I have seen several bloggers who do crossfit  and love it so I had to try it.  I have been going to Crossfit Primal in Waukee for a week and a half and love it!  Everyone, not just the coaches but the actual participants are very encouraging and helpful and it is exactly what I need to push myself to the next level.  I found that when Tina and I were working out on our own we didn’t push ourselves as hard as we could have.

Crossfit is kind of pricey(click here for pricing) for my budget but it is worth it to me.  So having to nix Weight Watchers was okay for me.  I also received nutrition information from Primal and I hope to get on board with that.  I know I won’t be able to do it exactly as it is very paleo/primal but I will follow it as closely as I can.  I know eating that way is going to be important for me getting the results that I want.

I hope to give you a more detailed post about my crossfit experience but I wanted to give it at least a month before I filled you in.  Primal doesn’t even know that my blog exists at this point so I will reach out to my coaches soon so I can give you as much info as I can.  All I know now is that I feel like a total bad ass champion and I want that feeling to continue!

Be sure to check out the site if you are in the area.  They do offer 2 weeks for free so you can see if it is a good fit for you.  Just be sure to let them know that I sent you if you do sign up because that $25 referral could really help my budget.  🙂

I also decided to start Google Reader to organize my blog reading.  Before Mollie introduced me to that I had about 50+ blogs sending me daily emails with their posts.  I have most of the blogs transferred over and not waking up to 100 emails a day has been pretty jazzy!  So I have some blog happenings that might be fairly old that I hadn’t cleaned out of my inbox yet.  Doesn’t matter…it is still cool stuff.

1.  I am a very committed snoozer.  If you are too check out this post from Greatist.

2.  We love spaghetti at our house.  Paleo does not love spaghetti.  How about this delish spaghetti squash recipe from LaaLoosh!

3.  I know it is halfway through the month and I have posted a darn thing about #operationpantsfit.  In my mind I am totally on board.  Calee is jazzy.  Check this out.
That is all for today folks.  Make today a beautiful day!



13 thoughts on “Decisions and Hump Day Happenings

  1. haha when you asked me about an e-mail stream, i about said “you know you can use google reader” but I figured you knew about it and just liked getting 100+ e-mails a day. 🙂

  2. also, i love that you called me jazzy, and we seriously for realzies really need to get together sometime. preferably before i start grad school in t-minus 2 months and never see anybody ever again

  3. Calee and Shaunna- We’re so on for Blend this year! Right? I hope, I hope!

    Shaunna- SO glad you got your Google Reader started. So much better! And I think I may have to try CrossFit someday. Do you go in the mornings?

    • I totally want to go to Blend. I have the weekend marked off in my planner and can’t wait to have the ticket sale announced.
      I go to the 5:00am class. It is brutal getting up at 4:00 every morning!

  4. So on Monday I looked up flights outta DSM and OMA to SLC. they were 268 and 234. I look now and they are 455 and 353. WTF!! hope they’ll go back down again.

  5. I have a few times to FL. But outta dsm don’t they only go to FL and Vegas? do they have more flights outta OMA? I just did an expedia search.

  6. Clicked through the link on Facebook and read about your new happenings! A couple things:

    1 – you can gain great info from the Primal nutrition plans. We teach a similar style of eating at our office (although we are cool with full-fat yogurt and raw cheeses — whereas paleo/Primal suggests no dairy.) We are having a recipe night at the office and often team with Primal on various events. The biggest thing is removing SUGAR from your body so you become a fat burner (as opposed to a sugar burner as sugar is readily available!)

    2 – I hope you love spaghetti squash! We don’t limit it to spaghetti, but also make stir-fry with it, as well as other great dishes with avocado, chicken, etc.

    • Thanks for the info Jenny. I want to push paleo but I really love my yogurt and cheese!
      I am starting to really love spaghetti squash. Working on my 2nd one this week! 🙂 If you have any cool recipes I would love for you to share!
      Thanks for checking out the blog!!!

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