I Love Rewards!-Slimkicker

I will be the first to admit….I don’t LOVE working out.  I hate dragging myself out of bed.  I hate not getting coffee right away.  I hate forcing my body to move.

What I do love?  I love feeling like a bad ass after an intense WOD that I never thought I would get through!  I love looking at my muscles when I am brushing my teeth.  I love the little notes Kevin leaves me saying he is proud that I get up at 4:00 am every day to sweat my face off.  I also love prizes.

Slimkicker reached out to me a few weeks ago about their website and phone app.  It revolves around a fabulous concept.  You pick your goals and challenges and log them in and in the end you get to treat yourself to whatever you want.

Want an expensive dinner?  Track your food.

Want a new outfit?  Log your workouts?

Want a pedicure?  Join a challenge, participate and check in.

Want more motivation?  There is plenty of that on the site.  You can post on the message board and receive comments from others helping you push forward.

My favorite part of the site are the challenges.  There are thousands there that you can pick from ranging from healthy eating, working out, and motivation.  I joined the 20 real pushups a day challenge.

So if you have fitness or health goals in mind and need some motivation be sure to check out the site or download the app on your phone.  I can’t wait until I reach my goal so I can get this!

GNC Pro Performance® 100% Egg Protein – Vanilla Ice Cream

Source: GNC website

Stuft Mama has been raving about it and I can’t wait to get my hands on it….but only after a little hard work 🙂

Check it out y’all.  Go here!
Until tomorrow!



6 thoughts on “I Love Rewards!-Slimkicker

  1. I think you are doi.g amazong and.I ckuld only dream of being as awesome as you are with the working out and eating right. You look great! Keep up the good work favorite, love you!!$

  2. you deserve a lot for 4 am workouts! If I get woken up before 7 am I am a grouch! Although it is nice to have workouts over with first thing in the morning for sure.

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