Spread The Love

Oh my goodness.  I got a facebook message from this girl and realized I totally slacked on a really fun blog idea she posted a while back.  I think I was the first crazy girl to comment in hopes to get a special little gift from her and then I forgot to spread the love by paying it forward…so a little late but here we go.

Here is the idea:

-Be one of the first 3 to comment on this post.

-You need to have a blog and be willing to continue to Pay It Forward.  You will need to write a similar post, inviting your readers to play along within 1 week of commenting on my blog.

-Once all of those things are complete, I will be checking out your blog to send you a small  gift I think you will enjoy!

Go ahead and comment even if there are already 3 comments just in case the first 3 can’t follow through in time.


I also realized that I never checked in with you about my weight watchers weigh in last friday.  I stayed within my points and did pretty well working out and lost 1.2 pounds bringing me down to 144.2.

I just started crossfit and am absolutely loving it.  I feel like a total bad ass!  I purchased a groupon  for a month for $39.  Regular price if you prepay 6 months in advance is $99.  I am debating whether or not I want to continue (I am so leaning toward YES!!!!!) but with our strict fun money budget things will really be tight with me making me think I should quit Weight Watchers and try to abide by the Crossfit eating plan they provided me.

What do you think I should do?

Happy Friday y’all!  Have a great and safe weekend!



3 thoughts on “Spread The Love

  1. My vote is Crossfit! 🙂

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