The Pumpkin Ranch

I love that I have a kid that I can use as an excuse to do fun things like go to pumpkin patches.  The whole experience of picking your own pumpkin rather than buying it at the grocery store is really fun for me.  I purchased a Groupon to The Pumpkin Ranch in Winterset and we had a blast!  We didn’t do the corn maze but let Stella take the lead in what activities (there were a lot of things to do) we participated in.  No more talk…just pictures 🙂

If you live in the area I really recommend you check The Pumpkin Ranch out.  The staff was very friendly and they had a ton of stuff to do out there.  We barely scratched the surface and were there exploring for 2 hours.

The pumpkins were $.39 a pound which I thought was really reasonable.  They gave us $4 after liking them on Facebook and posting a picture of Baby Belle on their fan page.

P.S.  I started crossfit yesterday.

P.S.S.  My body is on FIRE!


Til Tomorrow!



2 thoughts on “The Pumpkin Ranch

  1. Is it bad that I want that hat?? Or not? It would be bad if I stole it from baby belle though, right? Okay.

    totally cute! I can’t wait to have a mini-me to take fun places like this.

    Also, have fun with crossfit. I don’t do the bootcamp-style classes. I just don’t. I’d rather do something on my own. Though, I do like TRX.

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