Wish List Part 2

I liked posting things I want.

I am also unprepared for a decent blog post.

Grow Your Own Mushrooms Kit

Dying for one of these. Probably not a good time of year though 😦

Bubo Cookie Jar

If I had this I would decorate my entire kitchen around it.  Love!  It is from Antrhopologie so it is super expensive but a dream gift anyway 🙂


Another great watch.  Looks like it is unavailable so this one?


If I had these I wouldn’t need to update my winter coat.  Any color would do.  🙂

Nothing beats a pair of wristwarmers for coolness factor, just take my word for it! by hypericumfragile on Etsy

And last but not least.  A little something to remember 8.18.12

couples initials! adorable.

Remember to check out all of my fun pins on Pinterest!

Now back to what this blog really is about.

I didn’t count calories yesterday but I did walk around Grays Lake with Tina.  I also took the plunge and signed up for Weight Watchers today.  I did it before and lost over 20 pounds.  I just can’t seem to hold myself accountable when I count calories.  I will get more into my Weight Watchers decision in an upcoming post.

Until Tomorrow.







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