Hey y’all.

I almost didn’t post today.  I crossed off several things on my old list but then made a fresh new list with lots of other things.  I also have a jam packed weekend away from home 2 hours away.  I didn’t work out Wednesday, Thursday or today so I am totally slacking.  😦

I did track my calories (way too many calories to lose 4 pounds in 3 weeks!) from yesterday: 1616 😦

I met my Supper Club friends at Irina’s and ordered the Fire Grilled Chicken Pasta but with the spicy tomato sauce instead.

Looks fancy huh?  The sauce was very good but the noodles were slightly overcooked and that chicken was burnt and dry.  Totally not worth the $15 and I didn’t even get a little salad.  But I did eat 3 of their little rolls…which is why I totally suck!  🙂

Since my post is mostly me whining about how I suck I thought I would share a little protein shake concoction I made awhile back.

I had this:

As far as flavor goes…this is gross by itself..  I usually use it for baking and it works great that way.

I also had these which were barely expired:

These also taste horrible by themselves.

So I mixed them with some water and frozen Chobani cubes I had:

And made like a cookies and cream protein milkshake.

I also added some NuNaturals vanilla to it so it did actually taste pretty good.  I don’t know why I am making that weird face.  I guess I was straining to take a picture of myself drinking.  I am a dork!


Have a great weekend!




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