White Ghost Dog

Do you guys every psych yourselves out about silly scary stuff?  You know like when you watch a scary movie and then you are sure there is a killer under your bed?  You for sure saw a shadow creep along your hallway?  I do it all the time and for some weird reason there is always a witch in my backseat.   Yes a witch.  She isn’t going to cast a spell on me but she will stab me or something.

I didn’t want to work out today.  I went to bed angry and I woke up even angrier.  I was (am) tired and feel overwhelmed.  But I didn’t want to let my workout buddy down.  So we met and decided to take it easy and walk.  We were walking along Grays lake at 5:00 in the morning.  There are very few walkers out at this hour.  About 10 minutes into our walk, after talking about how tired we were and how we wish we could go back home and go to sleep a white, wolf like dog appeared 10 feet ahead of us out of no where.  Neither of us noticed it until BAM!  There it was.  I gasped.  We both took a few steps back.  It truly was like one of those wolf scenes in the movies.

We decided that was indeed the sign to head back home to bed.  Feeling kinda crappy about it now but I will claim it as my rest day.

Yesterday Tina and I jogged and I did 50 crunches and I ate 1420 calories.

Check your back seats y’all (for the knife yielding witch)and see ya tomorrow.



2 thoughts on “White Ghost Dog

  1. Yikes! Freaky! I woulda been headed back home after that too! So did this dog have an owner with it?!?

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