Weekend Highlights and Number Crunching

Hey y’all!

I had a great weekend.  Got a lot done, took naps and had fun!

Here are the highlights.

Saturday morning Baby Belle, my sister and I had some veggies to harvest.  We started with these out of control basil plants.

Yipes.  I see a lot of pesto in our future.  That is all I have done with it.  Make and freeze pesto.  I need other ideas or recipes stat!

We had a few tomatoes and peppers ready to roll as well so we got quite a bit.

Kevin and I had our September date night on Saturday.  We had a groupon for Chucks, an old school italian joint in Des Moines.  Kevin had been there several times but I have never been.  We got all fancy and dressed up.

We got to Chucks and ordered homemade onion rings.  I normally like the thin kind but these were pretty good.

We both got pasta dishes which came with salads and bread.  They also had these teeny tiny breadsticks.  I didn’t like them but Kevin did.

I ended up ordering what I had my eye one, the Chicken Alla Diavolo.  I thought it was a pasta dish but I was served a chicken breast swimming in spicy, peppery oil and a side of pasta.

My husband was kind enough to ask for a big plate for me to mix it all up on.  It was pretty good but I think next time I will order their famous pizza.

We sat right by where they made the pizza and it looked so good.  It was torture.  😦

Date night was a success.  We stopped at HyVee and got ice cream before heading back to the house and renting The 5 Year Engagement which was a pretty decent movie.

Sunday Kevin was gone for most of the day so Baby Belle, my sister and I went exploring Racoon River Park.  It was a lot of fun.  We started out at the playground, going down the slide and swinging on the swing!

Look at that hair blowing in the breeze!

Then we went and wandered along the beach.  We dipped our toes in but that is it…it was pretty cool yesterday.

We went and walked along the trail for a little while but then we went to lunch and all headed home for a nap.
Now I have some numbers to crunch.  I did a pretty bad job keeping up with my calorie counting all weekend.  I tried to remember everything this morning so I could give you the totals.

I had a rest day on Friday so no work out and I consumed 222o calories.  I went out for mexican and couldn’t resist a sugary, syrupy strawberry margarita!

Saturday I consumed 1880 calories.  I had Subway and date night.  I am sure I am missing something because I ate a lot! 😦  I did meet with Tina for a jog and then an ab workout also.

Sunday I ate 1746 calories and jogged 2 miles (hardly stopped!!!!!)

I weighed in this morning at 144.8 pounds.  I would like to get to 140 by the end of the month so I know I need to work harder and eat better….especially on the weekends.  My cousins wedding is this Saturday so I am a little worried about that!

Wish me luck!




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