Dates And Jungles

Baby Belle had her 18 month appointment yesterday.  She is doing really well.  We are lucky to have such a healthy and happy baby.  She had to get 2 shots yesterday.  This made her very unhappy so I told her we could go to Orange Leaf.

Here she is waiting patiently for a bite.  Look at that pouty face!  😦

A few bites of froyo and we have one happy relaxed girl!

It was a pretty cool mama daughter date!

Now as for the jungle…

I am talking about my garden y’all.  Kevin and I attempted to put in a garden along the fence between our neighbors house and the drive way.  Rather than build raised gardens like I wanted we attempted to pull off the grass and till the dirt.  When we got started we quickly learned the dirt was actually clay.  This was all after we invested in seeds and plants mind you.  We ended up tilling up a very small plot and making it work.  We planted 5 tomato plants, 3 pepper plants and 2 rows of peas.  Ugh.

Here is our crazy jungle.  The tomato plants took over and are even creeping into the neighbors yard through the fence.  Luckily we have great neighbors on that side and they are cool about it.  We told them to keep whatever crept on to them.  🙂  The peas are totally wiped out and the peppers are surprisingly flourishing despite the fact that the tomatoes took over.  We already went through a ripe tomato spurt and are going to be picking many more very soon!

Baby Belle found a ripe one and attacked it right away.

Next year we plan to get the entire area tilled or take the time to do the raised gardens.  I can’t wait to see what we are able to pull off when we really put some time and planning into it.

Now I owe you some updates.

Yesterday Tina and I did a 30 minute Tabata workout similar to what Janetha posted on her blog a few days ago.  The moves we did:

kettlebell swings

jump rope

bicep curls



With our frozen yogurt date I ended up going way over on my calories (which I am okay with!) and hit 1751 total for the day.

I think it will be easier to post my workout and calories the next day so we will go with that 🙂

Question:  Do you love fro yo?  If so, what kind of combos do you mix up? Mine are always chocolatey and never fruity.  🙂



3 thoughts on “Dates And Jungles

  1. Shots are the worst! 😦 But Froyo totally makes up for it. I am obsessed, so anytime you need and excuse to go I am 100% down with tagging along! Hehe. Mine always have a ton of fruit and then some sort of chocolate goodness.

    We didn’t do a garden this year, but last year it ended up a crazy jungle as well. Our tomatoes also took over. We also had strawberries, corn, brussel sprouts (which survived the freaking winter! and are also HUGE plants), green onions and carrots. The dogs had massive tomato feasts every time they went to the yard because we seriously had so many tomatoes. And some kind of creature ate all of our carrots before we got any. Hmph!

    • Brittany, your nugget is so cute. We need to plan to do a froyo play date! Holla at me!
      We have a creature or 2 too. There are tomatoes still on the plants that have chunk bites taken out of them!

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