A Masterpiece!

Kevin and I did a painting instead of doing a sand ceremony at our wedding so I bought a canvas 2-pack at Micheals and had an extra canvas left over.  I thought it would be cute to let Baby Belle go nuts with one.

Here she is checking everything out.  I had 3 colors of paint, a toilet paper roll, and the bottom of a celery that I saw made a cool flower stamp on Pinterest.

You can see I showed her the celery and toilet paper but finger painting was much more interesting.

Then hand painting began 🙂

It got messy really fast.

Then I pointed out the brush to her.

And the toilet paper roll.

She painted for a good 20 minutes and then she was bored.   I am also aware she got a good mouth full of acrylic paint.  She is totally fine and agreed with me when I told her it was yucky.

Then I hosed her off which seems really cruel but she loves it.  She always plays in the hose when I water the garden.

Here is her finished product:

I think it is beautiful and hopefully soon it will be showcased on the wall.

Have a great Wednesday y’all!



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