A Little Silly And A Lot Serious

I thought I was going to pop in yesterday to be serious about my blog but I was too busy having fun with friends and family.  I have a few silly pictures from over the long weekend.

Baby Belle and I walked the 2.5 miles to the downtown farmers market on Saturday morning.  It was a little gloomy and luckily didn’t rain.  We still enjoyed the view.

It was a pretty good morning.  Baby Belle stayed home with Kevin while I dressed up like a 13 year old boy and partied with my cousin Sarah for her bachelorette party.  She was all dolled up for the night and looked adorable.

Sunday Baby Belle and I left Kevin at home with Fantasy Football and we headed north to hang out with our family.  Baby Belle has 2 molars coming in and she was pretty cranky.

But she always has fun with her grandparents and this weekend was no exception.  She discovered a new “playground” in the back yard and loved it.

So pretty darn good weekend I would say…..now it is time to get serious.

I have shared a lot of unreached goals with my friends, family and this blog.  I have put too much pressure on myself on some goals and not enough on others.  I have focused a lot of wasted time of things that truly matter very little to me.  That is ending today.

Here are my July goals which are the last set of goals I really set for myself.  I also listed off 30 things that I wanted to do this year when I turned 30 in June.  I also piled on a summer bucket list.  Did I mentioned I also got married.  What was I thinking?  I totally set myself up for failure.  Now while I will continue working on my 30 things in 30 I am narrowing down my goals.

1.  I will count my calories every day.  I have 1200 calories a day as a goal but I am not being strict with myself.  I just want to track every single day and I am planning to post it on the blog as well.  I am also going to include my weight.  I went a little nuts during wedding planning and gained about 5 pounds and I am looking to get that back off and then some.

2.  I will post my work out every day on the blog.  Tina and I are running twice a week and then I am planning a workout every other weekday.  We have been really consistent and I am excited!

3.  I am going to go back to doing the pushups for every random text I get.  When I did it originally I was doing 10 knee push ups and did fairly well.  I suck at regular pushups though so I am going to commit to doing 5 regular pushups for every random text I get.

4.  Kevin and I used to read to Baby Belle right before bed.  I liked that routine where she would snuggle in our bed and listen.  Then she started getting restless, wouldn’t pay attention and I would get frustrated.  So we stopped.  Well I want to get back on the reading train.

5.  Date night.  Once a month.  A must do.  We need to find a local sitter.  Anyone know anyone?

6.  Budget.  Kevin and I are starting our plan and so far (4 days in) it is going great.  I hope we can keep it up.  Once we are on a good roll I will share.

7.  Drink more water.  I drink plenty at work but at home I don’t drink anything.  Silly I know…so I have got to step it up.

8.  Journal.  Simply writing in there what I am thankful for….that is all I want to do.

I am ready to delete the things in my life that are bringing me down, causing me stress or guilt and making me unhealthy.  I am ready to move forward with these 8 goals and then will progress into bigger and better.  Stay tuned folks cause its gonna be a big deal.

It is late tonight so I know my calories aside from a recipe I just made and hadn’t plugged in yet.  I am at 1154 and that is before the muffin I just ate that is slightly modified from this recipe.

Tina and I jogged/walked around Grays lake this morning and boy did it wipe me out.

Well I need to go find a journal.  I have a lot to be thankful for today.



9 thoughts on “A Little Silly And A Lot Serious

  1. Shaunna Marie Maxwell I am very very proud of what you have accomplished. You are very hard on yourself and like you said need to pick your battle basically and work on a couple of them rather than everything all at once. Love ya momma Robyn

  2. Can’t wait until we have Supper Club!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  4. Sounds like a great weekend! I totally know what you mean about having too much going on in your head, wanting to complete too much and when you don’t you feel bad. My problem is that I don’t do enough writing down. I need to write things down more to complete them. I have been running alot every week so that’s good!

    I drink a ton of water at work and then dry as a bone at home, too! I love to journal. I used to do it alot. Once I started blogging I stopped writing in my journal. I should start that back up again, too!

    Oh- and babysitter? Let me know if you find a good one! 😉 Tim and I also lack in the date-night-taking.

  5. PS- how were Janetha’s muffins? Totally on my list of things to make.

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