Getting My Hair Did-Vote!

So I need your help.  I have been patiently growing out my hair for my upcoming wedding.  I have a routine where I grow out my hair, find myself always putting it in ponytails, decide to cut it, get it cut, then hate that I got it cut.  Sound familiar?

After the wedding I am going to do something big!  You can help me pick!

I like the idea of keeping the length but doing something jazzy to keep me from constantly putting it in a ponytail.  Something like:

Christina Perri

I like the little pop of blond and although I have a teeny forehead I have tried pulling off bangs several times.  I just don’t like when they are in my eyes.

Here is another picture with bangs:

Retro and wearable.

Or maybe doing ombre.  I once called it a fade to a girlfriend of mine who is in school to become a cosmetologist.  She made sure to explain that a fade was not what I was thinking.

Want this hair!

A really subtle ombre hair color.

Or I am open to chopping it off:

Short hair :)

So tempting!

Short hair allows for exciting earrings.

Help me by voting for your fave!



5 thoughts on “Getting My Hair Did-Vote!

  1. Ombre! I always love thte look of bangs, but it reguires styling them everyday. And chopping it off is too drastic. I love ombre!

  2. I’m diggin the ombre. But I also love you with short hair

  3. I. can’t. even. decide!! I love all the pics you posted!

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