I didn’t cheat on this guy.

But he bought me this.

So I could make this.

Which is so much healthier than his full fat version.

Stuft Mama has some great versions of her low fat ice cream on her blog.  I eat it about 2-3 times a week.  Now that I have my new Ninja I don’t end up with a crappy watery mess like my old $10 blender gave me.

I love Stuft Mamas blog and delish recipes…and I hope she won’t be mad at me because I cheated with her boyfriend this morning.

I woke up early to work out but the thought of putting on a bra (or 2 way too tight sports bras) didn’t appeal to me this morning.  So I did some yoga with Bob.  I snagged a ton of dvds from his website for super cheap a while back and really love them.  I like that they have a long option or a 10-15 minute option.

So Bob saw me working my abs for a good 15 minutes with no bra on.  Not quite first base but I do feel a little bad for cheating.  🙂



2 thoughts on “Cheater

  1. Tim got me the Ninja Kitchen System for my birthday! I haven’t used it a ton yet but I’m lovin it!

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