I Am A Chicken And My Head Is Cut Off!

I have totally forgotten about my July goals and it is July 17th.  Basically I suck and I am totally okay with it.  I have two HUGE things coming up next month.

1.  I am getting married!  Yes!

2.  Baby Belle is going to a new daycare.  My sisters has decided to go to school in the Fall and can’t watch her anymore.  Luckily she will still be living with us so I will have her in my life.  She is the best.

So I guess my July goals should have been  not scratch my own eyes out.  Mention wedding planning to me and my eye starts to twitch.  Seriously.

Here is where I am at with my goals I set and if you need a reminder here is the original post.

1.  I think Kevin and I have gotten better about playing with the kidlette more.  We really haven’t sat in front of the tv all month until after she has gone to bed.  It just stinks it is so hot out because she really likes to play outside.

2.  I am working out 5 days a week if you consider a 20 minute walk with MJ as a work out.  Right now I am counting that so booyah!

3.  I have done better with my running.  I haven’t tried any of your suggested comments from this post but after the wedding I am stepping up my running even more!

4.  Organized?  Yeah right.  I am going to clean my home office so that I can walk through it by the end of the month but I am not going to push organization until after the wedding!

5.  I have not tracked a single calorie since July 3rd.  You know what?  I don’t think I need to anymore…for the time being.  I eat fairly well.  I have been indulging more but I also think my portion control has gotten better.  I haven’t been tracking and I haven’t gained weight.  I am happy with that.

6.  I have tried one new recipe this month and it was a big winner.  I will make it again soon and post it on here.  One day soon this blog will have purpose for you as a reader aside from rooting me on and listening to me complain about firecrackers 🙂

7.  Patience…um not so much but I have a lot going on.  I haven’t turned into total bridezilla yet so I am doing okay.  I haven’t gotten worse at least.

8.  Not hitting the snooze button=FAIL!

Now I am not hitting a lot of my goals and I am okay with that.  I need to focus on getting this wedding together and finding great care for my Baby Belle.  So realistically September is going to be the month of improvement.  For now I am happy being a chicken with it’s head cut off.




2 thoughts on “I Am A Chicken And My Head Is Cut Off!

  1. I mean your blog makes me literally lol!!! Thanks for posting your wackiness

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