Yoga Time

I was going to do a whole weekend wrap up but I am pressed for time so I am going to focus on one particular activity.  Yoga.

I am not a big yoga fan.  It is too slow for me.  I get bored too easily.  But when it is free I will do it.  Saturday morning bright and early my friend Tina and I met at Grays Lake near downtown Des Moines.  We did a quick lap around the lake before participating in their Yoga in the Park.

Every Saturday through September 29th they have a different instructor teaching an intro yoga class from 9:00-10:oo am.  Hundreds of people show up for this!

This was what was just in front of us but there were tons of people behind us too.  We tried to get in the back so that we wouldn’t distract people with our farts and giggling.

Tina bailed out pretty early and took photos of me attempting the moves.  I did pretty well I would say.

My arms were about to fall off during this picture.

If you live in the area you should check it out.  Free yoga is a heck of a deal.

Baby Belle stayed home with Kevin while I was getting fit but when I got home we did some face yoga.

Face making is all the rage in Baby Belles world.

Happy Monday y’all.



6 thoughts on “Yoga Time

  1. I’m not a huge yoga fan either, but i want to be! I’ve always wanted to try the yoga at the lake. City of west des moines does it too on sunday mornings in front of city hall.

    I love those baby yoga faces! So cute!

  2. You go girl! I love the idea of yoga in the park 🙂

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