Wedding Plans

OMG!  I am getting married in 37 days.  I totally just puked in my mouth a little bit.  Luckily Pinterest exists or I would have absolute chaos going on right now.  Here are some of the things I am loving on there.  Click the image to go to the source:

messy beautiful.  love this whole website for wedding things.

bridesmaids, smaller scale

filling the ceiling with balloons would be an inexpensive way to instantly create a party atmosphere

adorable hair accessory.

Just a little wedding inspiration for you while I go into bridezilla mode.

Have a lovely day!



2 thoughts on “Wedding Plans

  1. 37 days!??! Yikes! lol it’s closing in huh? I’m sure it will be great! I’ve noticed your pins to your wedding board and there are LOTS of cool things on there.

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