Homage to Iowa

I love the snuggly feeling that blog friendships can give you.  I am new to blogging but from simply reading and stalking blogs I feel a connection.  I rememeber having bloggers email me back directly and I truly felt like I was connecting with a movie star or something.  I need to get a life!

Well I have been lucky enough to make some friends *who are bloggers or had old friends become bloggers and I want to show them off today.

Kristin at singlemamalife was my friend before she started blogging.  We met when we participated in the Juice Singles Crew way back in the day.  Embarrassing no?  Now we are even bigger deals cause we are blogging.

(Source: Juice Magazine)

I love Kristin’s blog because she shares cute activities she does with her son and really great DIY stuff for her house.  She is currently doing some budget revamping and I am getting motivated to follow along.

Mollie is my next Iowa blog friend.  I knew her before the blog but just met her a few times over the years.  She blogs at mollies sprinkles of life and has tons of great recipes that are totally healthy and delicious looking!

Last but not least is Calee who I have already mentioned a million times.  She is doing the fitmixer boot camp with me and has been a great supporter!  She blogs over at life+running.

By the way ladies…I totally want to do a blogger get together.  I know there are others out there!


*I am well aware of the fact that I am calling you friends when you are probably thinking to yourself that I am a creepy stalker with a grill for teeth.  😦


8 thoughts on “Homage to Iowa

  1. YAY — we should have a blogger get together. Ledges. Picnic. Stat. 🙂

    Also — thanks for the shout out. You are kind of awesome and we do need to meet in person sometime!

    AND did you used to work for Juice? When was that? My friend Brianne Sanchez (who also blogs at BS in the Midwest http://bsinthemidwest.com/ — would be a fab person to help organize said blogger meetup) used to work there.

    Do you follow Fit and Free with Emily? http://www.fitandfreeemily.com/ She’s a sweetie.

    PS obviously there’s Iowa Girl Eats. I know somewhere there’s a list of all the Iowa bloggers. HLB has a short list: http://healthylivingblogs.com/location/united-states/iowa/

    • Oh my gosh! I can’t believe that I forgot Iowa Girl Eats! Embarrassing….
      Picnic! Lets do it! Maybe after August when my brain is done being fried by wedding planning!

  2. Also, your teeth made me almost spit my fitmixer amino all over my screen.

  3. I laugh everytime I think of the Single’s Crew. Dear Lord. My only justification ever is…but we got paid! To go to bars! And hit on people! OMG, we were like Jersey Shore…only classy.

  4. I love your teeth 🙂

  5. Shaunna!! Thanks so much for the shout-out!
    I’m totally in for a blogger meet-up!

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