My Running Progress

I realized I haven’t updated any of you on my running progress.

I will start with the positives.

1.  I have been running consistently.  Since July I have ran at least twice a week, usually 3 times.  I know we are only 10 days into the month but hey!

2.  My one mile time is getting progressively better.  I am coming in around 10:30 for a mile.  Not bad!

3.  Calee mentioned a running game called Zombies, Run! that I downloaded on my IPhone and I love it!  I actually look forward to my runs and it got me out the door when the heat index was 105 degrees!

And now the negatives:

1.  While I am getting better with my mile times I still can’t run a complete mile and so I haven’t tried going any further than that.





6 thoughts on “My Running Progress

  1. Glad you like zombies run! I haven’t tried it.

    My suggestion is to go somewhere COMPLETELY different. Like Gray’s Lake? Or there’s this little trail in Urbandale that goes in the woods. I can’t remember what it’s called. Don’t even look at the time or miles. Setup a playlist with alternating fast / medium fast songs (all upbeat and happy) and aim to get through 5-6 songs.

    • I hate that there is nowhere really close to my neighborhood. I hate the idea of driving to jog ya know. But….I think you are right. I need a change of scenery. 🙂 You are wonderful!!!!!!!

  2. My suggestion would be to do a Peak 8 – start with 90 seconds of speed walking/jogging and then 30 seconds of all out running then going back down to the 90 seconds for recover doing 8 sets of this. This will build up your overall endurance. The point is to push yourself as hard as you can during the 30 seconds and take the 90 to recover at a recovery pace but don’t stop moving. Perhaps strive to get through 5 cycles of this to begin with and work up to 8.

  3. The only advice I have is to maybe not focus so much on the better time. Work on running one mile non stop even if it means you have to slow down to do it. I myself am working on this right now.

    Calee also has good advice with the medium to fast songs and running through 5-6 songs. I have done that MANY times when I am annoyed with being on the treadmill. I won’t look at the time until x amount of songs are over.

    Good luck! 🙂

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