Riding On Someone’s Coat Tails-Mama Approved

I definitely don’t think of this blog as a burden but I am realizing that it is something that takes some work.  Yowza!  I have a tentative schedule for July posts and that got kind of messed up when Baby Belle got sick on Friday.   I had activities and recipes planned all weekend 😦

We have been very lucky to have a healthy happy girl thus far.  On Friday morning when I sat Baby Belle down to have her ‘nana (banana) she didn’t touch it.  She asks for ‘nana’s.  They are her fave.  I knew something was wrong.

45 minutes later she puked.  The rest of the weekend she had explosive watery poop.  She had some jello for lunch on Saturday.  5 hours later there was Kool-Aid in her diaper.  I could have poured it in a glass.  Jello turned to Kool-Aid y’all.

Here is my sister entertaining her on Friday morning.   Baby Belle is obsessed with looking at pics and videos on the I-Phone.


So with my lack of planning this weekend I am going to ride a Diva’s coat tails and steal all of her ideas.  Katie does a lovely little thing called Diva Approved on her blog.  I am going to do a little thing called Mama Approved.  And this is what makes me Marvelous in my Monday!  Too much, Katie?  🙂  But really?  Blogging and reading blogs and making blogger friends is truly marvelous!


So here goes my first edition of Mama Approved:

I was craving salt at my office.  It was either a bag of Cool Ranch Doritos or this.  I chose this.  It doesn’t have the best nutrition stats but the slight salt in the cashews curbed my craving.  Pretty darn good.

I don’t drink a lot of soda.  If I do crack open a Diet Coke I can usually only finish half of it.  I spotted this at my local grocery and decided to give it a go.  It brags about having the caffine you need without all the calories.  It tasted like a watered down Yoo-Hoo to me but I thought it was pretty good.  I would definitely choose this over Diet Coke any day!

My belly hurts today and I truly hope I am not catching what Baby Belle has/had.  I needed some fizz and magically came across this in our office fridge.  I don’t typically like flavored sparkling water unless it has a bunch of sugar substitute  in it but YUM!  Really refreshing for sure!  I looked for a website but no dice?  Anyone know what it is?

So that is my post today…riding on Katie’s coat tails.  She is marvelous!




One thought on “Riding On Someone’s Coat Tails-Mama Approved

  1. I love this post! Good idea.

    Also, normally I’d bitch about posting about your kid’s poop habits, but I read HLBs all day long and it’s a known fact that somebody’s going to talk about poop. Just keep it off FB. 😉

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