What’s The Deal With Firecrackers?

Did you read that in a Jerry Seinfield voice?  Cause that’s how I said it!

Anyway…I hate firecrackers.  What is the stinkin’ point?  There is no pretties…it is just a loud noise.  Really?  And you have to wait until 10:oo PM to light them?  Really?

Baby Belle is an awesome sleeper but I always get paranoid that she will wake up from her slumber and that I won’t get to bed until midnight.  That honestly hasn’t happened in over 10 months but I still get that anxious feeling.  Last night I had it.  There were fireworks going off all over Des Moines and I knew there was no getting around the booms but a group of tweens were setting firecrackers off right across the street.  So annoying.  I sneered at them that there was a sleeping baby in the house and the left shortly after.  Baby Belle slept all through the night.

Probably because we had such an awesome day.

What did you to to celebrate the 4th of July?



4 thoughts on “What’s The Deal With Firecrackers?

  1. I’m so glad you posted this because I hate ’em too! Barney was up barking allllllll night and *I* am a light sleeper so needless to say I didn’t get much sleep this week either.

  2. A couple years ago I read an article in our local paper. Apparently a guy was shooting off fireworks out of his metal garbage can. He lit them, nothing happened, so he went over and peeked his head in and the fireworks went off and it killed him. His wife was quoted “at least he died doing something he loved!” Really? I am with you – overrated!

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