Simple Things-ABC’s.

I am not feeling creative.  In fact I am feeling quite lazy.  I think it has to do with the fact that tomorrow is a day off of work.  Happy 4th of July!!!!!!

As I mentioned before I read meals&moves every day.  I saw this idea and loved it.  Janetha copied so I am going to copy too.  🙂

A: (wow!  this is hard!) Alphabet.  It is weird but anytime Baby Belle gets fussy I can sing the ABC’s to her over and over and it USUALLY calms her down.  She rarely gets fussy but this has been a handy trick.

B: Baking.  I am not particularly good at it but I sure like doing it.  I made this last night in fact.

C:  Coffee.  I drink it every day.  Since it has been so stinking hot lately (even in the early morning hours) I have switched to ice coffee.  Check out a great tutorial here.

D:  Dancing.  I am not good at this either but I love to do it.  When I was in high school my girlfriends and I would always be the first to the dances even though that wasn’t cool.  I occasionally take hip hop or zumba classes at Kees Camp.

E: I don’t love exercise but I do love my guns.  I flex them every chance I get….so I kinda love exercise.

F: Flirting.  I am trying to use the first word that pops into my head and this was it.  I have a weird way of flirting with Kevin….but I like to do it and he tolerates it :).

G: Grandmas.  I LOVE MY GRANDMAS.   I only have one living grandma and she is such a sweetie.  I miss my other grandmas every day.  Grandmas are neat.

H: Hair.  I rarely do anything to it but put it in a pony tail but I did try a sock bun and Pinterest will help me style my now long hair in the future.

I: Ice cream.  Well fro-yo.  I think I am going to go to Menchie’s tonight.

J: Jacamo.  It is a weird nickname that I came up with.  Long story and not worth telling 🙂

K: Kevin.  He is my soul mate.  True ‘dat!

L:  Ledges.  I have gone a couple times already this year.  In fact, I talk about one trip here.

M: My moms.  I am lucky enough to have a great mom and stepmom.  Here is a picture of my mama.

N: Night time.  I like my sleep.  PERIOD.

O: I like orgasms.  Yup.  It is all a part of the awesome business I run called Slumber Parties By Shaunna.

P: Play.  I like to play with my kiddo and I am trying to do more of it.

Q: Quick work days.  I wish I was having one now but not so much.  Most of the staff left early but I am stuck here 😦

R: Random info.  I like collecting random info and hoarding it.  I like making binders with printed random info.  I like taking notes and keeping notebooks of random info.  Even though I dropped out of college in 2003 it wasn’t until recently that I forced myself to get rid of my college binders/notebooks/textbooks.  Sad.

S:   My sister.  My sister has lived with us and taken care of my Baby Belle since last May when she was only 3 months old.  My sister (you can call her Sexy Kathy which is also an S) is going to stay with us but is going to college so we have to get a new daycare provider for the kiddo.  Sad 😦

T: Time.  I love family time.  I love play time.  I love time in front of the tv.  I like all those times.

U: Us.  I can’t wait to become this mans wife in 46 more days.

V: Vino.  I don’t drink very often but if I do I usually have just a glass of wine.

W: Warm blankets.  I like it to be freezing in my room so I can snuggle under blankets.

X: X-Ray.  I have never had one and am glad for that.

Y: Yippy dogs.  MJ is not a yippy dog very often but she is my best fur friend and running buddy.  I talked about her here.

Z:  Zippy.  This is the word for when you are in a good mood in our house.  Or I guess you can get zippy in a bad way and that means you need to go to bed.   Lots of coffee gets you lots of zippy.

Have a safe and happy 4th of July!  Be careful and don’t blow your thumbs off.



7 thoughts on “Simple Things-ABC’s.

  1. love this idea, might be taking it 🙂 have a great 4th!

  2. Omg. I laughed out loud at o. I think we all like them but you’re the only one brave enough to say it!

  3. I LOVE YOUR LIST! ha! so good! especially O

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