July Goals

Hey y’all.

Hope you had a great weekend.  I had a great weekend.  I got off work early on Friday, hit the farmers market on Saturday and somehow got away with not doing my chores.  In fact, here is Baby Belle and I watching Kevin sweat his arse off mowing the lawn.

Thanks again buddy!

So I have been really in a rough spot about my goals.  I always want to change so much at the same time and then get easily deflated when it doesn’t work out.   I am still going to set some July goals but they are pretty broad.

1.  Actively play with Stella more.  I tried putting her to bed at 6:30 last night because she was whining to get picked “pup” as she says it.  I felt like such an ass.  I was busy pulling shredded chicken of the bones.  Really?  We are starting today by going to the library to pick out new books when I get off of work.

2.  Workout 5 days a week.  I have really been slacking.  In fact I think I only worked out twice last week.  I hurt my knee frantically doing burpees on Monday and let that be my excuse not to work out.  I mean I got a bruise…no swelling or anything.  I was just a wuss.

3.  I am bumping up my running.  I have ran at least once a week but I can commit to 3 days a week and I will.

4.  I am going to get organized.  I have my hand in so many projects in my life and half ass them all because I am a frazzled mess.  I think I am going to start this.

5.  I need to track my calories EVERY DAY.  I may not like what I see every day but at least I will make it a habit.

6.  I want to try 4 new recipes a month.

7.  I need to work on my patience.  I have been frazzled and that makes me snappy.  I am going to implement the count to 10 method.  I am sure there is a fancy name for it but you know.

8.  No more snooze.  I need to just get up.

Help me my friends.

Help me.



10 thoughts on “July Goals

  1. Snooze solution: Alarm across the room. That’s how I kicked that habit! 🙂 Or have your coffee/tea morning bevvy waiting for you when you get up (just needing to be heated up).

    You will do great! ❤

  2. Dan uses the alarm out of reach solution. He has to get up to shut it off (or there is hell to pay ;p) so there isn’t any crawling back into bed.

    And you are stronger than I for counting calories. I don’t have the patience, I just kind of eyeball things or look up the general calories and kind of guestimate where I am for the day to decide whether or not I really want that desert at night. :p

    • Brittany-I have tried that and will literally get out of bed and hit snooze and then crawl back into bed. It is such a horrible habit.

      Now I have been good so far this week counting calories although I am definitely not staying within my “budget”. As long as I get in the habit of counting 🙂

  3. If you have any nutrition questions I’m hapyy to help! Last year I finished my bachelor’s in nutrition science.

    From all the comments you can prob tell I finally got caught up on all your posts 😉

    • Yay Mollie! I am so glad you are reading!!!!!
      I would love to get together and talk food sometime….and get some type of blogger event set up! 🙂

      • Yeah! That would be great! Whenever you wanna talk food, let me know! I could go on and on all day! And if you have any specific questions, shoot em at me! I would love to answer em. A blogger event would be so fun! I’m in!

      • Thanks Mollie! I will be in touch!!!!! 🙂

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