My Inspiration Part 2

If you thought I was stretching the truth that I am a blogger fanatic then you were wrong my friend.  Here are some more bloggers that I love.


Healthy Diva Eats is another great blog.  Healthy Diva posts great recipes and has a feel good aura all about her.  She also comments back on your comments which can make you feel like instant besties!  In my dreams right?  🙂

I am not a vegan.  I am not even a vegetarian but Mama Pea makes me want to be one.  Yummy recipes, a great sense of humor and another one of those women that make you feel like the mom of a century.  Love Peas and Thank You!

Great workouts can be found on Sweet Tooth, Sweet Life and My Food and Fitness Diaries.  Love em both for workout ideas.

Two great cooking blogs that I check out every day are Averie Cooks and Annie’s Eats.  Yum!  Yum!

And I love me some Stuft Mama.  She just cracks me up and her recipes are spot on delish.  I never thought I would love baked broccoli slaw but I eat it!  🙂

I will have more installments of My Inspiration down the road but tune in for something different tomorrow.




One thought on “My Inspiration Part 2

  1. We read alot of the same blogs! My google reader is stuffed with wayyy too many!

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