Checking In-Only 5.5 More Days

Remember my June goals?  I do….kinda.

I am just gonna check in, then ramble, and then ask for your help in sorting my rambles.  Sound good?

1.  I have been eating snacks after 8pm.  I like night snacks and I have decided to enjoy them.  Sometimes I feel guilty and sometimes I truly set aside calories and am not naughty.

2.  I haven’t been running twice a week every week but I have been running at least once.  I need to get on track.  It truly takes less than 13 minutes out  of my life.  Get with the program Shaunna!

3.  I have been slacking on the water….even at work.  Not sure what the issue is here because it is like 900 degrees outside.

4.  I barely tracked my calories last week.  Part of it was because I was lazy and part of it was because I wanted to eat 4 pieces of cake in one day and not have the high calorie count staring me in the face.  I truly believe that I eat healthy 80% of the time and counting calories is daunting to me.  But I am pissed at myself because I am participating in the fitmixer bootcamp and am not putting forth the work I need to be incredible.  That makes me feel crappy.  I hate feeling guilty at the end of the day.  Ew.

5.  Aside from special occasions I have been really good about not eating out.  Yay!

6.  Uh oh!  I have been slacking on the push ups but I do alright.  If you have my phone number and are reading this right now….text me!  I will drop and give you 10!

7.  My sister hasn’t been helping me as much but I do the sit ups 4 nights out of 7 so that isn’t too bad.

8.  I can do a 30 second plank no problem.  I bet I could do 1 minute but I truly haven’t tried.

9.  I do feel like I have lost some bulk in my tummy and I feel totally awesome about my arms so I think my thoughts on my body have gotten better.

10.  I’m blogging y’all.  Tell me what you want to see more of.  I really kind of putzed (is that a word?) through June but want to make my blog something special going forward.


So here are my rambles.  Help me make sense of them.

1.  I am coming to terms with my body and am liking it.  But why do I still feel guilty if I skip a work out or if I don’t track my calories.

2.  I have been working out at least 5 days a week but don’t feel like I am pushing myself anymore.  I need to quit telling myself it is okay not to work hard because the fact I am doing it is enough.

3.  Calorie counting.  I hate doing it and for totally stupid reasons.  Mostly it is because I get so down on myself if I get off track.

And that is all.

I really need a push and my willpower and self motivation aren’t there.  Can you help me?

Shaunna 🙂


4 thoughts on “Checking In-Only 5.5 More Days

  1. Try for 1 minute! You can do it! Have somebody else time you if you can and give you 15 second updates after the 30 second mark.

    PS I have been a major slacker too with bootcamp. Don’t feel bad! No guilt here.

    • You are fabulous! 🙂
      We should so plan an Iowa bloggers lunch!!!!!

      • Keep working up your time. Before you know you’ll be at 2 minutes! I’ve been doing planks for a while now and 2 minutes isn’t too bad anymore – after some practice. The longest I’ve held is about 2:15.

      • I kind of fell short on even working on it as much as I should. I need to give it a go tonight.

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