It’s My Birthday: My 30 in 30

It’s my 30th birthday y’all.  I will forever act like an 8 year old about my birthday.  I want cake, I want attention and I want presents.  Yahoo!

I decided that I would follow suit with what many other 30 year olds do on their birthday and make a list of the 30 things I want to do in my year of 30.  One day I well learn to make my lists pretty like Calee but I am not smart enough yet.

1.  I want to run a 5K.  I signed up for the Color Run in October….so now I just have to do it.   Calee was cool enough to let me join her team.

2.  I want to take some type of Sugar Detox Challenge.  There are a lot out there….so maybe this one?

3.  I want to volunteer somewhere.  Suggestions?

4.  I want to keep a journal and at least jot down things I am grateful for on a semi-daily basis.

5.  I want to read 12 books.  I am struggling to get through the final book in the 50 Shades of Grey series (I am totally bored of it!) and once I am done I am ready to go full force into something else.  Suggestions?

6.  I want to take some type of art class.

7.  I want to take a cooking class…maybe like 5 cooking classes 🙂

8.  I want to save some money and go on a shopping spree for a new wardrobe WITHOUT FEELING GUILTY!

9.  I want to take our first family trip outside of Iowa.  Just a weekend thing.

10.  I want to visit a medium.  Like the Long Island Medium but a little closer to home.

11.  I want to learn to can.  I want to make salsa, applesauce, and can stuff from my garden.

12.  I want to read the bible.  I want to understand what I read when I read the bible.

13.  I want to try my hand at craft fairs this winter around Christmas time.  I want to make some money.

14.  I want to meditate….and enjoy the benefits.

15.  I want to have a dinner party.  A successful and fun one.

16.  I want to cook at least 2 new recipes a month.

17.  I want to get married to the man of my dreams.  August 18th is coming up fast!

18.  I want to eat clean.

19.  I want to do big girl push ups….like more than 3 in a row.

20.  I want to scrapbook at least once a month.

21.  I want to try out for a play.  I was a pretty big deal in high school and had so much fun.

22.  I want to get 50 followers on this blog.  🙂

23.  I want to make and follow a budget.

24.  I want to reconnect with my girlfriends.  After having Stella I kind of forgot it was okay to have girl time.  Friends….call me 🙂

25.  I want to have a working office.  I procrastinate soooo much!

26.  I want to take another pole fitness class here.

27.  I want to make my kitchen more functional.

28.  I want to truly ignore my kangaroo pouch.  Maybe wear a bikini again 🙂

29.  I want to fulfill my summer bucket list.

30.  I want to go to a bloggers conference.


Holla!  I am going to eat lots of cake and not feel guilty.

Have a great day!




10 thoughts on “It’s My Birthday: My 30 in 30

  1. happy birthday!! yay! i hope you have a wonderful wonderful day!

  2. HAPPY BIRTHDAY! It’s also national peaches n cream day. And you HAVE to come to Blend Retreat next year! YOU HAVE TO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. I will do a cooking class with you and run the color run with you! Yeah! Oh and what type of books do you like as we have 100’s, ill loan you what ever you would like. HAPPY HAPPY Day lady and hopefully see you soon.

    • Oh yay Merd! We need to research cooking classes like NOW. I actually grabbed an unread book off my bookshelf this morning but will have to scope out your library next time i am over 🙂

  4. Great list! I’m doing the Color Run, too! And I totally want to go to a blogger retreat sometime soon, too! Maybe we’ll have to make the jump together so we know someone that’s there! 😉

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