Just a few things and my first recipe

1.  I didn’t blog yesterday.  I was busy.  Have I mentioned that I am planning a wedding?  It is hard and busy work.

2.  Ugh.  This is my shirt I wore to work today.

Yeah.  We use those little smell good sprinkles in our laundry.  Apparently these didn’t dissolve properly.  Embarrassing.

3.  My kid doesn’t know how to put a bra on.

Close Baby Belle….so close.

4.  I need to get blogger dishes.

This Halloween bowl from the dollar store is just plain ridiculous!  I used this big old bowl to make my apple cinnamon pancakes which I will share with you today.

Here is what you need:

1 apple

2 cups flour (I used white…it was all I had!)

2 eggs


milk (I used almond milk)

1.  Core and slice an apple.  I have this gem from Pampered Chef that is totally rad and I used the biggest setting.

3.  Make your pancake batter.  I will be honest and tell you I didn’t measure anything.  You can use a pancake mix or use your go to recipe.  I just used what I mentioned above using enough milk to make it slightly liquidy.  Check out the consistency in that crazy Halloween bowl.

4.  Get your pan or griddle nice and hot and use an oil spray to lube it up.  Plop that apple down and then spoon pancake batter so that it coats around the apple slice.

5.  Wait for the bubbles.  When the side facing the pan is done it will start to make bubbles.  Then flip.  Voila.

Baby Belle loved these and I didn’t even use syrup!




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