Sorry for the missed post yesterday.  I ran around like a chicken with my head cut off for most of the day.  😦

I did however remember to take pictures of everything that I ate.  I have been struggling with staying in my 1200-1300 calorie range for the fitmixer boot camp so I sent out an SOS to the other participants to share what they eat for a day so I can get some ideas and encouragement.  So if you are a fitmixer bootcamp participant you don’t need to read on as I am going to post this on our hub as well.

I start off every morning with the same three drinks.  Coffee with cream, my aminos for my workout and then follow up with a protein shake.

I use the myfitnesspal app on my phone to track my calorie intake and keep in mind some of the food I post, like my supper may not be completely accurate but it should be fairly close.  My morning cocktails usually equal to about 230 calories.

We are supposed to eat 5 to 6 small meals a day to keep our metabolism up.  I work in an office and snack a lot out of boredom.  I kind of graze all day.  That may not be what I am supposed to do but I feel if I am grazing on good foods its all good right?

I had a teeny bit of almonds as a morning snack.  I ended up having more later so I had an entire serving during the day which was 160 calories.

Then I had some of the overnight oats I made the night before in a old PB Wonderful jar.  I didn’t eat all of it because I wasn’t hungry.  I guessed the amount I had because I didn’t measure.  :\  I figured I ate 205 calories worth.  I included almond milk, Chobani non fat plain greek yogurt, steel cut oats and regular oatmeal, and then of course the peanut butter I left on the sides of the jar.

For lunch I had buffalo cauliflower bites.  I found the recipe on Pinterest and make it all the time.  When cauliflower goes on sale I buy several heads and make a bunch and then flash freeze them and put them in the freezer.  Throw it frozen on a baking sheet for a while in the oven and they cook and crisp back up.  I also used about 1 1/2 tablespoons of full fat ranch because with these I need the real stuff :).  I totaled lunch to be 262 calories.

For an afternoon snack I had the rest of the serving of almonds and about a cup and a half of watermelon.  The watermelon was 68 calories.

For dinner we had a chicken alfredo lasagna that I made a long time ago and threw in the freezer.  The cream sauce base was tofu though and not some creamy jarred stuff.  I truly guessed on what was all in there and came up with dinner being 360 calories.  I forgot to take a picture of the lasagna until it was all gone.  I ate my steamed carrots too quickly too.

Later that night I made some cinnamon peanut butter raisin cookies (recipe to come) and tested one out at 80 calories.

So I went over at 1365 but didn’t do too bad.  I truly have been doing a great job this week but the weekends are what get me.  I am going to take pictures through Sunday and hope the tedious task helps me stay on track.

Have a great weekend y’all.



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  1. I want that nut butter. YUM.

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