My Running Buddy

Thought I would share a couple of pictures of my little running buddy.

Here we are after todays jog.  I use the map my run app on my iphone and it jacked up today.  It told me that I hit a mile at 9:32 and I jog the same route every morning and I wasn’t even close.  I think it was because my running buddy stopped to take a crap in someones yard and I ran in place while she took care of business.  Anywho….no stats for you but I jogged the mile and then did my fitmixer boot camp workout immediately following.  I am basically a bad ass!

Here is another picture of MJ (short for Michael Jackson):

and I am just creeping in the back ground.  She is a sweetie.

Have a happy day!



7 thoughts on “My Running Buddy

  1. SHAUNNA. We are soulmates. Is she a doxie ??? !!

    You are basically badass.

    PS I just heard of this kickass running app called “Zombies run” that’s like a video game but on your phone while you’re running.

    • Calee-that is hilarious. I totally say all the time that the only way I could truly run worth a crap is if someone was chasing me with a chainsaw….I will have to check it out!
      I fb’d you about the poochie. Not a doxie just a cute little mutt 🙂

  2. I need some of your motivation! What is the fixmixer bootcamp?!?!

    • Check it out at They send you protein powder, aminos (to drink before/during your workout) and a slim shake (similar to slim fast but tastes better) and then email you every weekday with a different workout. I hate working out but they switch it up so much and make it as fun as possible. They also have a weekly conference call which is very helpful and the group is all very supportive. I can email the nutritionist and whine about not following my calorie count and she pumps me back up every time. It is great and I would definitely recommend getting in on the next session. I am thinking about doing it again!

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