I am lacking a little motivation

So I thought I would share some with you today that I found while being addicted to Pinterest.



set the alarm clock






I feel a little better.  Do you?

Until tomorrow,



4 thoughts on “I am lacking a little motivation

  1. I so fully disagree with the second one. It’s not easier to wake up early to work out. Period! I like the 3rd and 4th things that you posted. Love the idea of reminding yourself that it’s up to YOU to get your goals!

    Go get it! 100 burpees ahoy! (yuck! even the fittest chicks are cringing right now)

  2. The actual basis of that is that’s it’s easier to workout, eat healthy than it is to face the sadness and low self esteem we often feel associated with obesity. I know this as I recently lost 136 lbs and felt miserable, alone and sad for over 20 years and now it’s much easier to get that one hour workout in than the 24hours daily I faced feeling terrible. The time of day doesn’t matter…what matters is that we do it and improve our lives!

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