My goals, my run and my Baby Belle

A third of June is over so I thought I would check in with my goals.  Here is my original goal post if you  need a refresher of why I started this blog.

1.  No snacks after 8pm haven’t been happening.  I really need to start the tooth brush rule!

2.  Last week I did run twice.  I skipped my original plans to run on Thursday and did it again on Friday.  I did run on Saturday and because of the crazy heat I had really great time.  Here are my stats:

I ran 1.01 miles in 11:11.

I burned 112 calories

My average speed was 5 miles an hour.

Pretty good huh?

3.  I have been doing okay at drinking more water.  I could still drink more!

4.  I have been doing great with my calorie count on the weekdays.  I didn’t count on the weekends but didn’t make HORRIBLE choices (I didn’t make good choices either!)

5.  I have been doing really well with the no eating out.  I did eat at Subway last night when I was on my way home from a training in Omaha.

6.  I have been rocking out my 10 push ups every time I get a text.  I have shared this idea with friends and they have been helping me out!  🙂 The only bad thing is that I don’t always do them right when I get the text and then end up having 50+ push ups to rock out before bed 🙂

7.  The sit ups and crunches kinda fizzled….but I will get back on that wagon tonight.

8.  I can do 30 seconds solid.  I am still working on this.

9.  For the most part I have maintained a positive body image.  I feel good and I have gotten braver in expressing that.  🙂  I totally flexed my biceps at a meeting yesterday.

10.  The blog is coming along.  I am still pulling ideas out of my butt as I go and haven’t sat down and planned out the month like I want to.  I also forget to take pictures.  I totally meant to have a weekend round up but realized I didn’t take any pictures 😦  POOP!


So I talked about my wog #2 in my goals so let me just move on to my babe.  She’s a cutie and totally worth me ruining my body 🙂  Here are a couple pictures so you can ooh and ahh!

We are trying to grow out her bangs which is why she is sporting her unicorn horn in all of these pictures.  I can’t stand having her hair in her eyes!

Here she is brushing her teeth.  She loves doing it.  I guess it is good to instill good dental practice now huh?

She could play outside all day.

Love of my life that girl!

Thanks for reading y’all.  I promise it’s gonna get better!



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